How Much Does A Laser Engraving Machine Cost?

The prediction and speculation behind the laser engraving business all show signs of the industry getting only more prominent in the future. If you look at the current market for laser engraving, you will find the number to be astonishingly more considerable than you expected.

The market for Laser engraving was sitting at 2.9 billion in the year 2019, and the number will rise to 5.3 billion by 2029. The interest in laser engraving is rising; soon, we will see the industry at the forefront of the news.

If you decide to get your hands on a laser engraving machine but are not aware of the price, this article will help you find all the helpful information about the laser engraving machine and its price detail.

How Much Does A Laser Engraving Machine Cost?

It is all about the size; going by the standard specification of CO2 lasers, a small laser machine covering 300*500m will come around $1999 to $2400.

If you want something bigger, a machine covering 900*600mm will cost as much as $2899 to $4699.

Any laser engraving machine with 1300*900mm will have a much higher price tag, as a device covering this size can cost $3699 to $5399.

In short, a more significant size will always result in higher costs and higher laster power. You will need to decide on the size of the machine before you think about purchasing. If your work demands a more extensive laser marketing system, you can make that spending; or cut a lot of cost by choosing a smaller engraving machine.

Should you check out fiber lasers?

Classic laser engraving will differ a lot from fiber laser engraving patterns. Some might assume fiber laser engraving may not cost that much, but in reality, the price tag somewhat falls in the same circle as the classic laser engraving model.

Compared to the CO2 laser engraving models, fiber lasers lean more to the technology-integrated and advanced aspect of the engraving machine. They will have their price bracket depending on the watt, and the variety of options allows the buyers to pick the one they like the best instead of the pricier ones.

Here a 20 w fiber laser marking system will come around $2950 to $5770. For a 30-watt laser engraving machine, you will have to fork out $3500 to $6400. And lastly, a 50w fiber laser machine can cost $5500 to $15000. 

All of them will have different uses to them. If your work focuses on standard materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, or iron, getting a 20w laser will do the trick. There is no need to spend an outrageous amount on a machine if your work focuses on standard materials, and anything more significant than average will need a much more powerful fiber steel.

If your requirements fall on making the depth of the material more than average use, you will need to look for a laser machine that comes with 30W or above this range. Marking depth will require much more power; a simple 20W laser machine will never get to deliver that performance. So you will have to settle with a 30W or more for that work.

A 50W laser will help you make markings with deadeye precision. Here the focus leans more on accuracy. Only a 50W laser machine will be capable of delivering that level of performance with no issue.

Which Laser Engraving Machine Cost should you choose?

The answer here is straightforward, if your business covers metal parts, you need to invest in a fiber laser cutting machine. With this machine, you will get higher energy efficiency, accuracy, economy, and lifespan.

You will also have to deal with more minor replacement parts, low maintenance period, and longevity. These are the benefits that will come with a Fiber Laser machine.

Co2 lasers cover thin metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or anything that doesn’t exceed 3mm.

Choosing the right brand

Reputation should be the key to any product that you decide to purchase. In the laser machine department, you will need to look for a brand that has experienced, the satisfied customer under its name. The machine also needs to be efficient and safe to use, and only a brand that has garnered a reputation in the market will be able to deliver that range of performance with a machine.

Brands such as MORN LASER are getting quite a lot of steam amongst people looking for a good machine at an economical price. There are other ways companies appeal to people looking for the aspects that they favor out of the product. As a consumer, you will need to search for a product that covers the reputation and affordability in the price department.

When you are paying over $1000, you will need to keep a higher priority above quality than on the price of the machine. You will find thousands of results when you search for laser machines, but only a few will have garnered any attention or loyal customers.

Your job is to verify the company’s details, who manufactured the product, and the people who have purchased the product. Their view will give you all the clues you need to fix the puzzle. If the product meets all of your demands, you hit the green light on the purchase or vice versa.


Laser engraving machines are expensive, the demand for them is also increasing in size. You need to take your time and focus on the engraving machine you want in your place. Researching on this topic or product will save you from plenty of money getting wasted on a purchase that you barely use at all. 

It is far better if you make up a list of requirements and compare that with a product you like the most. You will also have different options to make your work more accessible since the fiber laser engraving system is considered a better option with longevity features selling the whole deal.

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