How Much Does A Food Vending Machine Cost?

Vending machines are popular as it makes shopping for goods more convenient. Having a vending machine around will be worth the investment when setting up a business.

Over millions of vending machines exist in the US, and the new company worldwide has insisted on millions of dollars on installing a vending machine. The convenience of vending machines attracts people to this service line rather than going for the alternative.

Annually vending machines generate over 23 billion dollars in revenue only in the United States. The number enters a different realm when you start counting the devices that exist worldwide, and the number alone makes people start vending machine businesses without any hesitation.

This article will show you all the central aspects of vending machines and how much they will cost in the market. IF you are planning to set up a business around vending machines, you need to know about the current numbers to make an educated decision.

How Much Does A Food Vending Machine Cost?

Before you think about making a purchase, you need to spare some time on the prices. The prices of vending machines will not be consistent or identical all the time and prepare to see some fluctuation in the cost. Different varieties of markets exist for a vending machine that can even lower the machine’s price tag by 50% to 60%.

In short, you can expect to face a price tag of between $5000 to $10,000. When you count the size and the features list of a new vending machine, the price here will easily reach $10,000.

Anything lower will not produce the same value or update features that people are used to nowadays. All of that is true if you are planning to buy a new vending machine for your business.

How To Save Money Purchasing a Food Vending Machine

Many companies looking to save some money on this front tend to go for the alternative than buying a new vending machine.

Here refurbished vending machines also result in good quality and reception from people. A minor makeover can make any old vending look brand new as ever.

Most of the new features will be missing from the table, but overall you can expect to receive a quality item that doesn’t weigh too much on your wallet.

Many vending machine operators recommend getting a used one rather than a brand new one off the shelf. The cost is the most significant factor that divides the refurbished to the newly-made machine.

Alternative Option To Save Money On Food Vending Machine

An old-used vending machine can cost anywhere between $1000 to $3000 compared to the alternatives; they are far cheaper and affordable for many businesses starting in the world. If you are eyeing a basic vending machine version, you can set the price tag under $2000. 

A refurbished price bracket will be the perfect range to give you a long list of options that will not go over your suggested budget on the vending machine.

Most of the refurbished vending machines worked well and were equipped with essential features to make the machine as convenient as ever.

Other costs related to Vending machine

Getting the vending machine will add more impact to the initial cost set up, but the other thing that you should worry about is filling up the device. It all depends on how many vending machines you decide to purchase, and the number of the machine will result in a few hundred dollars to fill up the machine with goods.

Which type of vending machine should you choose?

Variety is the name of the game in any business idea; in the world of vending machines, this holds the same value as others.

Food and beverage vending 

The majority of the vending market comes from food and beverage vending machines, and nearly a third of the vending sales come from beverage vending sales. Here, you also can combine both food and drink to create a new type of vending product.

New vending operators tend to go with healthy snacks, beverages, and fresh food to learn more about the industry and its moves.

Bulk vending

Filling the vending machines with stock gumballs, stickers, rubber balls is another way to do business with vending machines. Bulk vending is a low maintenance variation of the vending machine business.

Most of the machines in the bulk category don’t depend on electricity or battery power to operate; this option helps reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

If you buy a vending machine that used to be a bulk vending machine, you might have to repair it to fix some of the issues with the machine.

Most of them will not be available at top-notch quality, and a lack of maintenance will show on the exterior of the device and the interior.

Franchising options

Suppose you want to experience this field before setting up your vending machine business line. Then it would be best if you looked at the option of franchising. Here, you will work with a proven business framework to get your business set up correctly.

You can also decide how many machines you want to invest in instead of getting a bulk in return. A portion of your profit from the vending machine will go towards the franchisor when you adopt this way of doing vending business.

On average, you can expect to earn $35 a week from a vending machine. When you place the vending machine in a perfect place, you can expect the price to rise to $400 a month. It is all about knowing the area and the craving for the product.

A proper analysis will reveal all the crucial data about a place to help you estimate the profits and loss of placing the vending machine in that location.


If you look at the statistics, vending machines are growing significantly compared to before. It makes dealing with the accessories much easier for the business, and the consumer can obtain almost all the necessary goods conveniently. Options are another aspect of vending machines that made this line of dealing with the company more popular globally.