How Much Does a Knuckle Tattoo Cost?

Knuckle tattoo is the last trend of tattoo style, always more and more people request that types of tattoo, the people who decide to make knuckle tattoos usually want to express some strong message.

They can be formed by letters ranging from 2 to 8 or symbols like hearts or animals. 

How much does a knuckle tattoo cost?

The cost for a knuckle tattoo ranges from $75 to $200; it depends on the style, the quantity of colour, and the tattoo artists that will make it. A simple letter knuckle tattoo will cost less because it will not require huge effort, while symbol knuckle tattoos, like hearts, or animals will cost you more.

If you are interested in making a knuckle tattoo and would like to know more about the price you may expect while getting a knuckle tattoo, you are in the right place. 

In the following part of the article, we will look at all the costs of getting a knuckle tattoo.

What are the Factors that Influence the Cost of a Knuckle Tattoo?

Different factors influence the cost of a knuckle tattoo; the most important one is the design type you will choose.

A coloured knuckle tattoo will cost you more, especially if done with a particular line and shadows. 

Opposite discussion for single letter black knuckle tattoo. That tattoo doesn’t require much attention, and it can be done in a few hours.

Other factors are The location, the reputation of the tattoo artist.

In a very famous city, like New York, Los Angeles, the cost of getting a knuckle tattoo may be slightly higher than others where the cost of living is cheaper.

How Much does a Simple Knuckle Tattoo Cost?

Before giving you some important information regarding the cost of a simple knuckle tattoo, it is good to understand what we mean about simple knuckle tattoos.

A simple knuckle tattoo is a particular style of tattoo that doesn’t include any particular drawing like animals, objects, or any other complication.

In that case, the cost will be not so high because it will not require a lot of works for the tattoo artist, and they can tattoo without worrying too much about it.

A simple knuckle tattoo will cost you on average $80, if you decide to cover for fingers.

How much does Leon knuckle tattoo cost?

There are many ways to express yourself throw tattoos, as you can get a Rose Tattoo, Compass Tattoo Cost, Watercolor Tattoo Cost.

The types of designs that will be tattooed on your skin will reflect different meanings.

There are many people in love with the Leon tattoos, and if you are part of that type of person and are thinking about getting one on the Knuckle, you will see the cost-related here.

The cost for a Leon knuckle tattoo will range between $290 to $650.

This huge amount of money is primarily due to the difficulty of drawing it and realizing it as close as possible to reality.

How much does 8 letter knuckle tattoo cost?

The complete format of knuckle tattoo is done by people that decide to make an 8 knuckle tattoo. Most of the famous rappers and musicians have 8 letter knuckle tattoos.

Usually, they want to express a strong message that is related to his personality.

If you decide to stay on the classic letter style, do not expect to pay a huge amount of money since it will not require many works for tattoo artists.

Anyway, due to the difficulty and the small space available to tattoo, it is considered not an easy position for the tattoo artist.

The cost for an 8 letter knuckle tattoo is around $250 to 450. If you decide to get a tattoo from a reputable tattoo artist, the cost may rise a little more, but it should not go further than $500.

How much does 4 letter knuckle tattoo cost?

Same discussion for the 4 letter knuckle tattoo. They are less expensive than the 8 letter knuckle tattoo, and they are more common; they usually represent short but strong messages.

The average cost for a 4 letter knuckle tattoo is around $175; in someplace where the cost of living is more expensive, you can expect to pay a $250, but not be scared because more than that you shouldn’t go.

What are the cheapest knuckle tattoo?

It is not a practice to follow when you want to get a tattoo, if you want a tattoo, you should not look at the price or take it so strictly.

It is a good idea to have in mind a budget that you need, but searching for the cheaper style, will bring you in a wrong decision, that, with the long term, could bring you into getting a non-satisfaction design.

Anyway, after some research, we saw that the cheapest knuckle tattoo is the one that involves only letters, without any particular shadow.


If you have a strong message inside you, and you are the type of person who likes to express himself with a tattoo, getting a knuckle tattoo will be one of the best choices you can make. The cost of a knuckle tattoo will depend on the dimension and the type of style that you will decide to make; anyway, they are considered one of the cheaper types of tattoos among all the categories present.