How Much Does a Truck Cap Cost?

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One of the ways to overhaul the visuals and features of a truck is by adding a truck topper. Plenty of truck owners do consider buying a cap for the bed, but most of them are unaware of what it does to the truck or is it worth it or not.

In reality, they will be a great addition to the car, as they will protect your cargo from harsh weather and other things as well.

This article will show everything you need to know about truck caps and the cost, and the reason to acquire them for your truck.

A truck cap will heighten your truck and give a more SUV look to it. There are other users of the truck caps, such as it allows you to go camping and sleep in the bed of your truck without letting any environmental changes get in your way.

If you plan to carry large cargo on the back of the truck, then the truck cap will be very useful. They will give the perfect protection to the cargo.

The cost of truck caps

The cost of a truck cap depends on its material. The most overwhelming factor will be the material you choose for the cap. As they will raise the price of the cap or lower it.

How much does an aluminum truck cap cost?

The cheapest truck cap material that can be found in the market will be aluminum. Here the price tag will stay under $900.

The caps will be in the color white, going anything lower than that will have a worn outlook to them. If you want to use the cap for a bare minimum purchase, then aluminum is the way to go. As they will do a fantastic job of protecting the goods inside.

How much does a plastic truck cap cost?

The second option you have here is to choose a composite or plastic cap. If you want to add some color to the cap without limiting it to only white.

Then you should think about adding composite or plastic. You can choose color options, but the cost of these caps will be much higher than the aluminum caps.

Here you can expect to pay between $1,200 to $1,800. Many people choose plastic ones as they offer a variety of color options while staying below the fiberglass cost.

How much does the fiberglass truck cap cost?

There is also an option for fiberglass, while they will cost more but they will elevate the visual appearance of the cap to match your truck.

The price here generally stays between $$1200 to $1,5000. In some cases, it even can go higher than $2000.Compared to other caps, fiberglass caps are much heavier, as they can weigh up to 200 pounds.

These are the price ranges you will encounter in the market. While you have many options, you will need to settle with the cost-friendly one and meet all of your needs.

If you are looking to add some customized look to raise the truck’s appeal, then going for fiberglass will make more sense. If you want the cap to be the same color as your truck, switching to plastic caps will be a much better idea.

Aluminum apps are the bare minimum, as they will meet the basic needs of a truck without adding any sort of appearance requirements to it. If you just want to protect the cargo behind the back without any fancy cap to make your truck look better, then you can think about the aluminum cap.

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Different types of truck caps

Truck caps now feature cam locks and a light gate window for various uses. While it is a great addition to other trucks if you are looking to protect some items from getting damaged from the weather or any sort of foreign substance.

On the other side having a cap on the truck will make the truck unable to carry large-scale items such as furniture. If the truck spends its time carrying an oversized load on its back from one place to another. Then you should think about using the capless on the truck than usual.

Here you might not want to spend a lot of money on it.

But if you are carrying small-scale items that need protection from foreign substances or any environmental damage, then the cap will be a great addition that will protect the charge on the truck’s back.

Different types of caps will fit your needs. You will have options such as high rise, commercial caps, cap with roof rails, heavy-duty locking mechanism, and lined cap.

Each one of them will have a set of features that will be different from the rest. While at the same time they will have different costs attached to them.

High rise cap allows you to climb inside and stand up, commercial caps will help you enter the cap from both sides and let you slide the bed out to you.

Caps with roof nails allow you to mount a kayak, gear, or mountain bike.

If you are looking for a more secure alternative, then a heavy-duty locking mechanism will do a fine job in protecting all of your tools.

And lastly, you have the option for a lined cap, it is a choice for the people who are looking to cap in their truck. A lined cap will make the inside quiet, warm, and likable.


Here you have plenty of options to choose from, the price on the hand will reflect on the decision you made on your initial purchase. There are truck caps that can change the truck into the machine that you want on the road. Different materials are another factor that you need to keep in mind when you are out buying them. As they will heavily affect the the purchase of these caps in the market.