How Much Does a Belly Piercing Cost?

Piercing has been getting very popular amongst people from all walks of life.

Belly piercing is getting quite a lot of attention from people who have never done piercing in their life.

Belly piercing is not something that everybody can get since they are very anatomy-dependent.

You will need to find a shop that can perform this piercing level without any problem.

How Much Does a Belly Piercing Cost?Belly button piercing will cost you around $30 to $70, it all depends on the artist and the shop you decided to do it in. An actual belly button piercing will get done centered directly above the navel. It will take around 6 to 8 months to heal, a full healing will take around a year.

You need to have other necessary accessories for proper maintenance of the skin.

Neglecting the pierced area without any maintenance will result in infection or any more harmful issues that you might want to avoid.

To do that, you will need to use antibacterial soap or sterile saline for the pierced area.

The studio of your choice will affect how much you wind up spending on the piercing.

If your piercing follows a complicated design, then the piercer will charge you more money.

But on average, you can spend around $30 to $70 for the belly button piercing.

A different piece of jewelry will make you pay more for piercing, if you are sticking to the basics, the price will not go beyond $70.

Some stores have different policies regarding piercing. As they will charge more for the jewellery and piercing.

What Affects Belly Piercing Price?

If you decide to go with a northern piece of jewellery, you can expect the prices to go up.

If the store is situated in an affluent area, the prices will also reflect that aspect of the neighbourhoods.

As you can see plenty of decisions go into creating the cost line for the product.

The piercing will also reflect on the general value of the area.

Level of Experience of Piercer

Professionalism also comes into play, if the piercer has years of experience, then they will charge more.

As they will take proper safety precautions and experience to meet all of your requirements.

A belly button piercing is where a piece of jewellery is inserted through the skin.

More precisely, directly above the belly button.

The entire belly button piercing gets done using tools or by a professional piercer.

The professional piercer will have to go through plenty of processes to make sure the skin is ready for the piercing.

This will require him or her to use various tools and methods to ensure the safety of the consumer’s skin and body.

At first, the piercing area will get cleaned, if the belly area has some hair, then they will get removed by the piercer.

They will use a razor for a smoother and clear site for the piercing. Piercer will let you know where the piercing will occur, so you and the piercer will be on the right page.

If your piercer uses any tools, then they will use clamps. After that, the area will be marked to let you know where the piercing will be performed.

Then comes the hollow needle to create a hole in the desired spot, which then will get followed by the jewelers. It is very normal to experience slight bleeding, swelling, or redness after the piercing.

These are the methods that are usual or common for the piercer. It would help if you were a piercer to go through all the steps to ensure that the entire process doesn’t go off the rails.

How long does it take to fully heal?

Just like any other piercing, the belly button will hurt but slightly.

It will not be as bad as you think. It is very common as the skin on our stomach is fleshy.

The involvement of needles will result in pain. But the entire process is very quick and manageable for most people. The pain will not be significantly bigger than you think. 

When it comes to healing, it will take around a full year to fully heal depending on your lifestyle and how much effort you put on the pierced area. Commonly, it takes around six to eight months to heal. 

Belly Piercing Aftercare

One of the mistakes that people make here is that they don’t take any upkeep for the pierced area once they start believing that everything is healed.

In reality, the case might offer a different conclusion.

You must check with the piercer.

They will give you further instructions on whether you should stop the aftercare for the pierced area or not. 

Aftercare is one of the things that need to be done after piercing.

The amount of effort the users put into aftercare will show in healing time.

Aftercare results in a proper healing and fasting process all around.

Not paying any attention to it will slow down processes and bad effects.

You will also need to clean the piercing twice a day so it will not catch any bacteria. You can use a gentle soap and water to do the trick.

After leaning, dry the area with a paper towel.

Bath towels could harbor bacteria, so sticking with the paper towel is better.


At first, the belly button seems like a good idea, and in a way, it is, but you need to know about every aspect of the piercing so you will not run into any problem on the first stage. The piercing will come in a lot of upkeep and steps for you to follow before and after it. Once these steps have been followed, you can ensure the quality of the piercing will stay intact for a long time.