How Much Does a Lionfish Cost?

Lionfish are known to be venomous marine fish in the pacific ocean. It is one of the commonly found fish types in the pacific.

The spiny rays with a mixture of red, white, and black stripe color are what makes this fish stand out compared to other variations.

Saltwater tanks are perfect for a lionfish-type fish. Different factors such as size, variety, and breeder will play a significant role in dictating the price for this fish.

Commonly available lionfish will start from $30 and it can reach even as high as $110. It all comes down to the rarity and the appearance of the fish. Not all of them are going to share the same traits with others, many of them will have different appeal factors attached to them.

The biggest impact factor on the price of this fish is size. If you pick up a lionize that is small in height, you will find a cheaper price tag on them compared to the larger one.

A 3-inch lionfish can fall in the circle of $30 to $45, while on the larger side of 7 inches can go for $80 to $110.

If you are new to this type of life, then it is better to gain some experience before trying to have a lionfish as a pet. Lionfish are known to be very venomous.

They should be handled with care, the nature of this fish is not calm-like. They are very aggressive with a very hostile attitude.

You will have to pay the highest amount of priority if you want to keep them safe. When it is kept in a tank, they tend to prey on smaller fish, which will put the lives of other fish at risk.

Different types of Lionfish Cost

One of the reasons why fish do sell high in numbers is because of their variety. The diversity they show in their species is what appeals to most people into buying them.

All of them will have different properties. Math makes them unique and different from others. People who like different kinds of species will find the variation much more interesting.

Lionfish come in many different varieties. All of them will have unique traits to them and also appearance. These two play a significant role in setting up the price on them.

If you are interested in buying a lionfish for your house, you need to be aware of the quality of the fish and how much you will spend on them.

The type will dictate how much you are going to have to spend initially.

It can go from $30 to $100, it all comes down to the prices. Here is the list of price details of different types of lionfish available for purchase.

Antennata                   $20 to $30

Dwarf/Zebra                $17 to $30

Fu Manchu                  $50 to $70

Mombasa                    $45 to $65

Radiata                       $40 to $65

Russell’s                     $28 to $40

Volitan                        $35 to $48

Yellow Shortfin           $55 to $70

Fuzzy Dwarf               $11 to $22

Hawaiian                     $40 to $55

Miles                           $30 to $45

The list contains some of the most popular choices of lionfish available for purchase. You will find a number of common lionfish species selling for $20 to $60.

One of the common ones is devil lionfish, they go for $27 to $65.

It is important to keep in mind that the length of the fish will have a large impact on the price of the fish.

Lionfish that are smaller than two inches can sell for $25 to $35 or even lower than that. A larger lionfish over six inches can retail for $50 to $65.

The next thing we should focus on is the purpose of the fish. If you are planning to consume the fish rather than keeping it as your pet, then it doesn’t make sense to pay a large amount of money to get a premium lionfish.

If you want the lionfish for consumption then you can spend around $8 to $11 per pound. Most of the grocery stores will have lionfish available for purchase.

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Is there any extra cost?

The nature of lionfish will require an environment that fits their requirements. You will need to obtain a saltwater tank larger than 55 gallons and the temperature should remain around 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

The next thing you should do is to fill the tank with filters, rock, decorations, water testing kits, and spaces for the fish to enjoy. Getting

A saltwater fish tank can cost well over $100.

Lionfish will need their fair share of food each day, they must be fed twice per day. The diet includes frozen krill, squid, and silversides.

You can set up a budget of around $20 to $35 per month per lionfish. And lastly, the purchase sources will also have a negative effect on the price as well. If you decide to purchase fish from an online store, then you might have to pay more than you initially thought.

The price of the fish will remain the same but the shipping charge will add up depending on your location.

If you are living far away from any notable area, then you will need to pay a large sum of money as the delivery fee on top of the initial cost of the fish. It is much better to get it from your local pet store. The complexity of the fish will have an impact on the price


The idea of owning a lionfish might sound good to a lot of people. But it is better if you gain some experience before trying out a dangerous fish such as lionfish. If you want to add it to your tank, then it is better to research the fish that can live alongside the lionfish without any issue. Since their hostile attitude can harm a lot of fish that are not compatible with them. The nature of fish demands a larger space and a healthy diet to keep them swimming for a long time.