How Much Does a Helix Piercing Cost?

The ear is one of the famous body parts for piercing; from the earlobe up, the options are plenty for the people to get any type of piercing they want in that region.

One of the famous piercings available for that part is helix piercing.

The boom of helix piercing is a recent and trendy choice for many people.

Some of you might be familiar with this type of piercing as Cartilage piercing.

It usually gets done on the upper ear with different placement and jewelry styles.

The aesthetics of helix piercing lure many people into this method.

Helix piercing is also known as cartilage piercing because the target area for this kind of piercing usually gets done on the outer cartilage of the ear.

You will find several piercing variations such as forward helix, double helix, triple helix, and finally anti-helix.

The difference between all of them is the location on the ear.

One of the things associated with helix or cartilage piercing is pain.

On the pain scale, the helix piercing sets 4 to 7.

Piercing, in general, is going to hurt, but if your body can tolerate the pain, you will not feel a significant amount of pain in return.

How much does helix piercing cost?

The price of helix piercing can cost you around $30 to $70; the healing time for this kind of piercing can take about three to six months.

It all comes down to the person and how they maintain the piercing day-to-day basis.

Aftercare plays a critical part as in another level of piercing.

A person who receives the piercing must continue aftercare for a long time.

When it comes to proving, you will see all the factors that play a role there.

You might experience different prices if you choose different jewelry or the store.

The skill of the piercer will also affect the pain that gets caused by the piercing.

You can alleviate some of the pain by picking the piercer with some experience in this field.

The healing process after helix piercing takes around 3 to 6 months. If you don’t spend enough time in the aftercare process, then the healing will take even quite a long time to finish.

The healing time will not be the same for all, as healing will vary from one person to another. In some cases, it could take a whole year for the healing process to reach its end state.

What Affects The Price Of helix Piercing ?

The material you will choose will affect the overall cost of the piercing process.

Here you have the option to pick between stud and hoop.

A stud is jewelry with a long thin backing compared to a hoop or ring, the stud is a small piece of jewelry.

On the other side, you have a hoop, a very popular helix piercing option for many people. It is just a piece of metal in a ring shape. 

The next thing that will affect your cost will be the material of the jewelry. Piercer will recommend you choose between stainless steel or titanium as the material for your piercing.

When it comes to the material, you can choose between stainless steel, gold, and titanium.

The popular choice for many will be stainless steel as it comes in various colors and shapes without losing any quality in the process.

If you are going for gold, make sure the jewelry is at least 14 karats gold.

Gold in the helix piercing is seen as an uncommon choice. Many go for stainless steel rather than gold. The last opinion will be to choose titanium, a solid choice as stainless steel.

It comes with tons of appearances and the only difference between titanium and stainless till that titanium doesn’t have any nickel in it.

Your choice will have either a negative or positive influence on the price. Some stores will even charge more for piercing and material.

So make sure to do a thorough infestation on how much they will charge. As many stores have a policy on these factors, if the design is complicated, it will require more labor work, leading to rising in overall cost.

How long does it take to heal?

Aftercare follows simple steps such as washing the pierced area twice a day with antibacterial soap. It can be very easy to irritate your piercing, this is the hardest part about getting one.

Causing any friction on the accessories will result in a bad ending. You should always limit the interaction with accessories.

You should make sure everything you do from the piercing point should be relied on the opposite ear instead of the pierced ear.

If you are a side sleeper, you must sleep on the other side of the ear instead of the old methods.

These are some changes that need to be carried out daily to ensure the pierced area stays clean without any irregular interaction.

Avoid additional touches or this can lead to irritation or inflammation, in some cases, it even reaches the point of infection.

If you plan to touch your piercing, you must wash your hands thoroughly.

Switching jewelry on your piercing should be done after it has been healed. Three to six months of extreme care will lead to fully healed skin.

Once you reach this point, you can think about swapping to another piece of jewelry.



Helix piercing is trendy and the choice of piercing method for many people. If you want to choose this as your piercing method, you should research the store and the aftercare accessories. This will give you a good idea of what to excerpt after piercing and during it. An experienced piercer will follow all the steps that need to be followed for the piercing process without skipping any.