How Much Does Catfish Cost?

It is the resemblance that catfish share with a cat’s whisker that earned them the title of catfish. They can be found all around the world from Southeast Asia to the United States.

Many people are aware of catfish and their appearance. This fish can be farmed and get fished for food. When it comes to the cost, it will vary depending on the location, size, and purchase source.

All of them will have an effect on the price of these fish. If you are looking to learn more about them, this article will provide you with all the details including price in a simple manner.

How Much Does Catfish Cost? You can easily get a catfish for less than $5 and at the same time, you will see some of them going for the price range of $300. It all comes down to the breed, but most purchases of catfish are done within the $10 to $50 range.

Many do get it for pet purposes, so the price staying in the bracket of $10 to $50 is the most comfortable for many fish enthusiasts. Just like any other fish, different factors are in play when it comes to creating a price point for them.

Some popular catfish can even go for $8 to $14. The twig, Farlowella, and Featherfin will cost $4 to $9. Market conditions and the store will have an effect of $3.50 to $6 a pound. You can get processed one for $3 to $8 per pound.

List of catfish prices

Factors do play a role in setting up the price for any animal that gets listed on the sales board. As a consumer, becoming aware of the factors will help you set a better budget plan for the purchase.

When you’re purchasing an animal of any sort, you will need to be aware of what it takes and the future upkeep to give you a rough estimate on how much is it going to cost and how much are you going to spend on the hobby in the future?

Most animals come in different types, each of the types will be unique and new compared to the other variations. Catfish fall in the same circle as other fish for being diverse in nature.

Different types of catfish will have their own prices in the market. If you are looking for price details, you should know about all the types of catfish that you can get from the store.

Both online and local stores might share different prices but most of them are going to land in the same figure.

Here is the list of catfish species available for purchase.

  • Albino Corydoras Catfish                   $5
  • Banjo Catfish                                      $3
  • Bronze Corydoras Catfish                  $5
  • Synodontis Angelicus Catfish            $60
  • Synodontis Lace Catfish                    $8
  • Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish               $25
  • Turushuki Catfish                               $50
  • Upside Down Catfish                         $9
  • BumbleBee Catfish                            $5
  • Electric Catfish                                   $25
  • Farlowella Twig Catfish                      $5
  • Flagtail Porthole Catfish                     $9
  • Glass Catfish                                      $5
  • Hoplo Catfish                                     $8
  • Panda Corydoras Catfish                   $5
  • Pictus Catfish                                     $8
  • Red Tail Catfish                                 $50
  • Spotted Raphael Catfish                    $10
  • Sterbai Cory Catfish                           $13
  • Julii Leopard Catfish                          $5
  • Loricaria Whiptail Catfish                   $5
  • Neon Red Corydoras Catfish             $13
  • Oil Catfish                                          $15
  • Orange Laser Corydoras Catfish       $15
  • Otocinclus Catfish                              $2
  • Paleatus Corydoras Catfish               $5

How can you save money on catfish?

There are certain aspects of these fish that you need to know, that can save you plenty of money. The health of the fish depends on the choice you make at the initial stage.

You need to pick a seller who is reputable in this line of business. Only a reputable seller can sell you a healthy fish that will live for a long time without getting into a vulnerable state for diseases and other problems.

This becomes the case with cheaper sources. You should stay away from these sources as they will sell you a far cheaper catfish but they will refuse to tell you any details regarding the health of the fish.

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Compared to other fish, you will find the price of catfish a bit too steep. But there are ways you can save money without spending too much.

The first thing would be to consider a different breed than going with the expensive one. You will need to know whether you are planning to have a catfish as a pet or something else.

Each catfish will have their unique trait and appearance to them.

The purpose will matter a lot when you are buying them. You can get your hands on the common catfish for low prices.

Should you buy it from your local pet store or online?

There will be other variants that will go above the average threshold, here you need to consider the purpose of the fish.

One of the best ways you can save money here is by checking in with your local pet shops. It is a far better route than doing it online, when you are purchasing from the local store, they might not put a steep delivery price at the end, the same can not be said about purchasing it online.

While the option of online provides plenty of features but they will come with an expensive delivery charge. You will have to pay more if you want the safest delivery possible to your location.

One of the reasons why catfish is so expensive is the shipping charge. It just costs more to ship fish from other countries to us. It is the shipping charge that adds to the value of catfish.

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The demand for catfish is always on the rise, people who have experience taking care of fish and people who never had a fish tank in their life, all show interest in keeping a catfish in their house. The price of the catfish depends on plenty of factors, most of it boils down to the type of your selection. Different types of catfish will have a price that is appropriate for them. Performing research on them will give you a much more clear answer on the type that you will need for your house.