How Much Does a Fendi Belt Cost?

If you like to dress well, with a great touch of style, there is a huge possibility that you already thought about purchasing a new Fendi belt.

Thanks to its inimitable style, Fendi belts are sold very quickly, always more people would always like to buy a Fendi belt, but sometimes due to its high cost, this cannot be possible.

How much does a Fendi belt cost? The purchasing price for a Fendi belt is between $500 to $2,250. Some limited editions may increase the price until reaching more. Anyway, on average most Fendi belts are sold at a price between $590 to $899.

If you would like to know more about the cost of a Fendi belt, in this article, we will take a look at some of the most famous models, its price, passing from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Fendi Belt Cost by Model

Fendi Company is an essential Italian company that Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925 founded. During the years, they establish an important reputation among luxury products by offering beautiful, incredible products with an incredible touch of Italian craftsmanship.

The most successful series of products are the belts. Fendi belt represents a unique piece on the collection. Usually, the logo is found on the bucket of the belt, with the authentication serial number imprinted in the leather.

There are many models present in the Fendi belt collection; all of them are different regarding colour and style but share one common attribute, “ high quality”.

Belt bar Fendi belt

This model has received enormous interest in recent year. It can be interchangeable, and it is made of metal with the leather of black crocodile print.

This model can personalize both the buckle as well the colour of the belt. The minimum price on which is sold starts from $770 and, with some customization, may arrive to cost you more than $1,000

Black caiman Fendi belt

This type of model can be considered the best during particular events, like weddings and elegant dinners. It is all made in Italy, and the price is around $2,250.

Fendi Logo Reversible Belt Cost

The Fendi logo reversible belt is probably the most knower because by buying a singular belt, you can change the colour that best suits your clothes.

There is a different model in color; one of the most used is the Asphalt/ black tobacco colour. All of these belts are made of leather and made in Italy; the average price for purchasing a Fendi logo reversible belt is $490

White Python Fendi Belt

This belt may not fit the style of many people, it comes with a single loop, a baguette buckle with jewel fastening. It is made of white python and the selling price is $690

Fendi Belt Cost by Country

There is no difference in cost, either that you are in Europe or America; the cost for purchasing a Fendi belt will not change.


How to Save Money Purchasing a Fendi Belt

If you can’t purchase a new Fendi belt, do not worry; there are other ways to save money, giving you the possibility to buy one.

Due to the high cost, sometimes the Fendi belts are purchased by people who don’t have the possibility of buying one.

For that reason, it may happen that after some weeks, they decide to sell it again due to some necessity. 

Consider that a secondhand Fendi belt cannot be sold at the same official store price because it is already considered used.

Here you can purchase at a lower price a model that may cost you considerably more if you try to buy on the store.

There are different online places where you can find a secondhand Fendi belt at a reasonable price. However, it would help if you were careful in choosing the right seller or re-seller because there are some possibilities that you may face a bad experience by purchasing a fake belt.

Why Fendi Belt Are So Exspensive?

They are generally more expensive than other brands because the Fendi company invests considerable money in searching for premium quality materials. The high-quality standard, together with the considerable success of brand, has brought the cost of the Fendi belt higher than usual.

Most Exspensive Fendi Belt

The most expensive Fendi belt that you can buy is the Black selleria Fendi belt model. It has a minimal style and an engaging and unique style that differentiates it from the other Fendi belt models.

The price for the black selleria belt is $2,500

Cheapest Fendi belt

The cheapest Fendi belt present in the market is the brown leather belt model. In this model, the logo is not so visible as the others model because the tone of the colour is the same. 

The price for purchasing the cheapest Fendi belt is $520.


Buying a Fendi belt will reflect an incredible improvement in your overall style. There are many types of Fendi belts available in the market; it all matters on your budget and your preferences.