How Much Do Outboard Motors Cost?

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If you purchase a new boat without an outboard motor, surely your following worries should be the one to buy an outboard motor that fits precisely with the necessity of your new brand boat.

Outboard motors come in many different models and horsepower; this variable is the main thing that varies the outboard motor’s price.

The cost for an outboard motor can range from $900 until reaching $100,000. Of course, all these price differences depend upon the model, the power, and other factors. The cheaper outboard motors that you may find are with a horsepower (hp) of 2.5, and it cost around $900, while the most expensive the seven marine’s 627sv cost $100,000.

Suppose you are still interested in purchasing your outboard motor or just curious to know the costs. In that case, I encourage you to keep reading the next part of the article because we will take a deeper look at the cost of purchasing an outboard motor.

Outboard Motors Cost by Power

As we saw during the first part of the article, the power of the outboard that you will choose will dictate the cost that you will pay.

Choosing the correct horsepower is sometimes a difficult job for most newbies, but to facilitate this job, general rules are usually applied.

In the world of boating is called the rule of thumb, and it is based on the weight of the boat alone and says that you should have between 40 and 25 pounds of weight for each horsepower.

For example, a boat of 5,000 pounds could have an engine between 125 and 200 HP.

After choosing the correct horsepower that best fits your boat, your next goal should be to purchase it. To help you with the cost, we decide to overview the cost of the outboard motor by power.

2.5 $885.00

Outboard motors cost by model

From the table above, you notice that the price increases as the hp increases, but there is another essential variable that varies the price of an outboard motor.

We are speaking about the model of the outboard motor.

Usually, famous brands such as Mercury, Honda, and Yamaha tend to increase the price as they want to keep the manufactured quality of every single piece of the motor.

For example, the difference in cost may be different for the exact model with the same horsepower and stroke.

A Honda 15 Hp 4 Stroke cost on average $3,759 while the same characteristics but with a different brand as the mercury may cost you $3,540.

Cost of maintenance for Outboard Motor

Cost of maintenance for Outboard Motor

The maintenance cost for an outboard motor will not be so expensive; if you decide to put some energy into the maintenance, it will save you a lot of money, preventing many repairs.

When we speak about regular maintenance, we mean, for example:

  • Periodically check the fuel line
  • Check fuel-tube fitting 
  • Check clamps on the fuel line 
  • Check tank vent 

Anyway, other important things are better to do after every trip. These are:

  • Flush out of the engine both for saltwater and freshwater trip
  • Using fresh fuel, and at the end of every season draining the tanks.

Cost of Fuel for Outboard Motor

That part of the cost is variable; many variables play the game of how much fuel you will consume by using a specific type of outboard motor.

Some of the variables are: 

  • Power of the outboard motor
  • The velocity that you will keep during your trip
  • Number of Strokes

To give you an overview of the cost that you will spend on keeping an outboard motor, in the below part of the article, we decide to provide you with some of the average consumption for a specific model of the outboard motor.

  • Yamaha 25 HP 2.50 GPH
  • Yamaha 50 HP 4.90 GPH
  • Yamaha 70 HP 7.30GPH
  • Yamaha 90 HP 9.10 GPH
  • Yamaha 115 HP 9.70 GPH
  • Yamaha 175 HP 16.3 GHP

How to save money when purchasing an outboard motor

There are different aspects to consider before buying a new outboard motor; as the power required, the number of strokes, the velocity you want to reach, and the size of your boat.

If your main goal is to save money when purchasing an outboard motor, you should consider buying it secondhand.

Many marketplaces on the web offer an excellent deal on a secondhand outboard motor that seems like new.

Anyway, you should be aware that some of that may be a scam. So the better thing that you can do is find someone close to you before purchasing, and try it.

In the best situation, you can save a massive amount of money and more than the 20% of the cost you could spend by purchasing new.

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The cost for an outboard motor is variable; there are many things to calculate if your next step is to buy an outboard motor. Nowadays, many solutions can guarantee the possibility of saving money by purchasing a secondhand engine. I hope that this guide was helpful and that now you have a clearer idea about which outboard motor purchase.