How Much Does A Guitar Cost?

Looking to learn guitar, but you have no idea how much an actual guitar costs? Then this article here will let you know all the cost-related information about guitars to kick start your musical journey.

People who have picked up a guitar for their musical adventure know it takes time and effort to get better at playing the instrument. The internet also made the guitar learning process much easier for people than it used to be before. More people are starting to follow their musical fashion in different ways.

The guitar is one of the many musical instruments that speak to people, and there’s nothing complex about a guitar. Everything is laid out simply for the people to get hooked into the instrument and start riffing.

If you are a beginner, expect to face some difficulty at the initial stage of guitar playing. Some people instead get put off by all the basics of guitar playing, and they quickly switch to other instruments that might perk up their interest in the music again.

How Much Does Guitar Cost?

The cost of the guitar depends on the type of guitar and the brand of the instrument. Brand plays a heavy role since it will dictate the quality of sound a guitar produces.

In the guitar world, you will see brands with experienced and reputable customers and the newer ones that offer new variety with modern technologies in the guitar.

The classical guitars are pretty expensive since they all follow traditional architecture. Once you mix up the crafted guitar from experience working with a reputable brand, the unit’s price will surely exceed.

How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

Beginner-friendly guitars will cost a lot less than guitars meant for advanced or intermediate levels. If you are new to the game of guitar playing, then you should think about purchasing beginner-level guitars. As they are perfectly fit for the people who never tried playing guitar ever in their life. One of the best perks of having a functioning beginner-level guitar is the number of accessories you can skip on the purchase.

You don’t have to get extra accessories to add to your guitar playing. Sticking to the bare minimum will be far too perfect for beginners to find their sound and train to get better at playing the instrument. Another significant aspect that can increase the price of a guitar is the type of guitar you are interested in purchasing.

In the key, you will find the acoustic guitar and electric guitar. When it comes to the expensive one, you will have an acoustic guitar, but if you want to add more features to your guitar, you can think about getting an electric guitar.

What is the Cost of An Acoustic Guitar?

A beginner-level acoustic guitar will cost far cheaper or more affordable than a beginner-level electric guitar. Unlike acoustic guitar, electric guitar depends on many accessories to make the instrument work.

You can play the acoustic guitar without its accessories. So, this will increase the overall cost of the electric guitar compared to an acoustic type. You will only have to get the guitar and nothing else to play it with an acoustic type.

Many acoustic guitars are available in the $300 range, and you will have access to fine-tuned top the sleeves guitar under the $300 budget, which is a perfect model for people who want to play guitar.

The guitar price will be directly correlated to the brand it belongs to, so if you decide to get a guitar from a popular music band, you will have to pay a bit more than the average price for the guitar.

What about affordable guitars under $50?

Getting a guitar is not as hard as it used to be, but it is challenging to learn everything about them. Since many brands have released a quality long list of guitar products under $100 to $50, they might look appealing with the glossy finish and good imagery on the outer layer, but the quality will matter in the end. Affordable guitars might look better, but they will have the sound you hope to get from playing the instrument.

However visually stunning these guitars might look, you only have to listen to the sound they make when the instrument is fine-tuned.

If you want the sound to be correct and match your imagination, you will have to go beyond the affordable line-up. Anything about $300 will be the perfect fit since from this price range, you will only see branded guitars with extreme details given to the music creation and nothing else.

They are simple to look at without any extra stickers or artsy design to stand them out from the rest. You will get a simple guitar that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, and you will only have access to the standard features of a guitar.

How much does an electric guitar cost?

When looking at electricity, you will have broken up the playing field. Guitars might look the same, but the difference between an electric guitar and tan acoustic guitar is very high. Even if you have never played the guitar ever in your life, you know the difference between an electric hair and an acoustic guitar is very large.

To play the electric guitar, you will need to get all the necessary items for the instrument. Otherwise, you will be left with no turn or the soul of an electric guitar playing.

Anyone can play an acoustic without any required accessories, but an electric guitar needs its accessories to do the essential function of music creation.

You will have to get an amplifier and all the required wiring to make the music come to life. The bar for entry here is well above $500 compared to the acoustic variant.

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How much Do Amplifiers For guitars cost?

The amplifier cost is somewhat reliant on its quality and brand. You will find a decent amplifier for the price of $100 or less, and if you are all in on the pure quality of the music, you can jack the price upwards of $200. For over $200, you will find excellent quality amplifiers with huge music brands. 

Most amplifiers that fall into the circle of $100 have sound quality music output. If you are a beginner and want to try your luck on guitar playing, then staying under $100 would be the right idea as it will give you time to think about the music choice and what kind of music you want to make.

Once you have decided on the music you want to make on the guitar, then you can think about purchasing the best quality instrument. People often give up on their guitar playing to pursue other instruments or get back on the treadmill of work. Guitar, just like any other instrument, is not meant for everybody, and only a handful of people will give their time and effort to learning the instrument and getting better at it.

What is the perfect Guitar for you?

The dedication and persistence required by any musical instrument are a lot. If you are a beginner, you might not have that much persistence within yourself to get better at guitar. You might find other instruments more interesting with time. One of the suggestions that people get who want to learn a new musical instrument is to spend time with the instrument. You think about borrowing a guitar from your friend and try spending some time playing the instrument.

Once you go through the trial period, you will learn more about the instrument and the passion that you have inside for guitar playing.

Advanced level players must go above the $300 barrier to get a solid quality instrument that will help them get even better at playing the guitar. Many brands have intermediate and advanced sections on their sales page to inform the viewers about the guitar purchases. You can move into the advanced section once you have found the guitar your go-to instrument.


You either have to select between an acoustic guitar or electric guitar; both of them have their fan bases and professional users. You will need to spend some time learning the instrument before purchasing it. When you pick up an instrument without prior experience, you will have a much harder time learning the ABC of the instrument. Not learning it faster can add too much pressure to our brains and mind. That is why so many people have a hard time figuring out an instrument that they bought without spending time with it.

The best way to approach the world of music is by going through a bit of a navigational route with other instruments. Once you feel comfortable using the instrument and see yourself using it in the future, you can only think about adding it to your life.