How Much Does it Cost to Relocate a Boiler?

It isn’t easy to move a boiler from one place to another. If you are planning to do it by yourself, prepare to face some hard times meaning the entire plan. Please follow the professional alternative to do the task without making a mess during the delivery. So how much will it cost to relocate the boiler around, and how will you calculate it? The answer to all the questions will be found below.

What is the cost of moving the boiler?

You can expect the price to be around $300 to $600 to move an heating boiler from one place to another. But the cost will not stay at $500 or $600, and it will significantly increase over time. Since there are plenty of moving parts to the boiler, you will have to pay more to keep the parts intact in your house. That requires hiring an engineer to look after the flu work around the house.

The cost of boiler flue will be $100 to $170, magnetic filter $120 to $150, and the entire pipework system can take anywhere from $300 to $750. The number of work engineers will have to put into your project will raise the overall price of the entire relocation charge.

So the price point will not be consistent, as every house shares a different layout with different mechanics in all corners of the place. Figuring out all of them and managing the entire project will increase the overall bill for the relocation.

Should you even think about DIY?

Nope, you should never take any chances with an expensive system if you have no idea what you are doing. While the initial idea of moving something big in your truck might make sense, there are plenty of hurdles that are only visible to the experienced. If the problem does occur, you will have to know what to do at the right time to fix the problem in time.

That’s why DIY-ing the entire process is terrible for the driver and the boiler on the back. Another aspect of boiler removal includes substantial pipe work by engineers, which is better left to the hand of knowledge than trying it out on your own. There are so many complicated spinning plates here. Any single mistake can lead to irreparable damage to the machine.

How long Will the Relocation of a Boiler Take?

It all comes down to the number of work engineers will have to put forth on the project if they have to move the boiler from one house to another or move a few feet or the basement to the attic.

Different scenarios will lead to longer dates. On average, relocating the boiler will take around 2 to 3 days to complete all the facets of the project.

If the location distance is high, then the days will also increase. The price will also influence this factor.

Should you Relocate a Boiler?

Another question that people never ask is the idea of relocating the boiler. Should you do it? Other alternatives are valid and will justify other action that doesn’t lead to relocating the entire boiler system. You can think about getting a new one instead of moving the old one. Relocating the boiler makes sense if the machine is relatively new and has a warranty. Then you can still consume some value from the machine without considering getting a new one for the house.

On the other side, if the boiler is far too old without any warranty from the manufacturer. Then you need to think about the cost if the boiler breaks down at any point. Then you will eventually have to pay a large sum of money to get a new one after paying the price for relocation. You need to think straight and look at the price details from a different perspective.

If the machine is too old, it is wise to get a new one. Boilers are a long-term investment, so you will get a good machine that replaces the old one without worrying about future problems, as you will have a warranty to cover the machine’s possible troubles. But if the machine is relatively new and has some warranty on it, then you should go forward with relocating the machine.

Is Buying a New Boiler a Good idea?

Suppose you are wondering about getting a new one, which is a good idea to throw around since newer boilers are packed with more features than the old machine. Newer machines have benefits that will improve your lifestyle and put less stress on your energy bill.

  • One reason so many people flock toward getting a new one instead of paying money to fix the old one is the availability of the parts. Some parts are rare, and if the manufacturer stops making that particular model of boiler, then you are out of luck as you will have to double or triple the money for the part that is now under the Rare category.
  • Energy efficient- new boilers are energy efficient and will save you plenty of money in the energy department. They require less fuel and will have an extended warranty period to cover any problem you encounter in your usage. People who have used the newer model have saved up $300 to $400 on fuel bills compared to the amount last year with the old models.
  • The old boilers will run on 70% efficiency; if your boiler is around 10 to 15 years old, it will run on that number. But newer models will have at least 92% more efficiency.
  • Lastly, getting a new one will get you a warranty on the product, which will take ten years. So if the old boiler time has run out, it sucks more fuel than your car. It would be best if you thought about investing in a new boiler.

What affects the price of boiler relocating?

Weight, materials, and difficulty will lead to a higher price on boiler relocation. The most significant factor of boiler relocating charge comes from its weight. The weight of the machine will lead to difficulty in moving it around from one place to another. The handling will also be complex, and more labor must be put in to make the entire project move without any trouble.

You must contact a local moving company if the relocation includes another house in a different location. Depending on the location, size, and complexity, the price can go over $600.