How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet?

Any bathroom remodeling will have a significant amount on the bill. You must set a heavy budget and tackle new challenges with bathroom remodeling. Most people who like bathroom remodeling tend to do it for aesthetic reasons or to improve the functionality of the entire room. The bathroom remodeling design gets done with care as the cost is high on the other side.

When the question turns to moving facility equipment into the house, the cost will vary due to various factors. Your toilet is connected to a waste pipe, and moving the entire equipment without proper tools and machinery is complex. Plenty of things can go wrong here, so it is better left to the hands of a professional to look after the entire scene.

The price, however, will not be the same; each plumber you come across for the solution will give you a different amount on the bill. Moving a toilet comes down to time, material, and the dimensions of your bathroom. Each one of them will play a significant role in changing the location of the toilet. The cost will be influenced by all the factors mentioned above.

The entire process can cost around $1000 to $3000. If the moving project requires more materials, time, plumbing needs, and labor, the price will also be influenced by these factors. Any plumbing-related changes or renovations come with a fat number on the bill.

Can you move the toilet to cut down the price?

Yes, but plenty of things can hit the wall if you do not have any prior experience in the plumbing area. DIY tools, such as Electric Screwdriver, Flange Repair Kit, and Offset Flange, are available to help you cut costs.

The work here will not be easy, and you need to check out some online guides to get the gist of what to do in your house. If you follow the DIY approach, have plans A and B for unforeseen accidents in the project.

Can You Reduce The Cost to Move a Toilet?

If the moving part of the toilet takes between five to six inches, then the price will fall. But if you are moving the bathroom from one room to another. The plumbing work here will be extensive, as there are plenty of connections to make sure everything flows well as intended.

Everybody knows plumbing work is not cheap since every part of the bathroom equipment is connected to pipes in the house. A simple flaw can result in a large number of changes. Taking care of the changes and solving the challenges might sound easy, but it requires extensive work to get the job done correctly. The cost will be thousands of dollars to move the toilet and fix all the necessary piping that comes with the outcome.

The plumber company has to be reputable to get the job quickly with no issues. Luckily, online reviews are available to give you a clear insight into the plumbing company you are interested in working with and what you can expect from them. If the company holds any reputable standard, you hit the green light on them.

How much for moving the toilet a few feet or inches?

The cost here will generally stay at $1000 or more; the fundamental change might be small, but the necessary change is where the real game comes to play. The pipeline that is behind the scene is very complicated and sensitive. The plumbing company must know how to deal with them to get on with the project.

They will charge you more than any other company if the company is reputable. It all comes down to the service, and reputable companies will offer you quality work with little to fewer issues in the process. So you will not have to deal with any mistakes or fees for the project duration.

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What is the plumber rate per hour?

Since the topic is moving the toilet, you will have to deal with plumbers. Their rate will get high if you want them to show up at odd hours. The average rate stays from $40 per hour to $200 per hour. They will charge double or triple the hourly rate if it is an emergency.

Circumstances will affect the asking price of a plumber; the location and the task in hand will also dictate the overall bill. If the job is enormous, such as moving the toilet, you must prepare for the storm in your bank account.


The cost here will not be cheap at all, and you will need to set a budget of up to $3000 or more for smooth sailing in the project. Ask around the city or online to look for plumbing companies near you. Tell them about your problem and how much the entire process will cost. Once you get that information, try to compare it with other plumbing companies near the area to get good detail on how much money you can save from different companies.

Always choose a reputable company over any affordable one; ultimately, you are dealing with a valuable part of the house. Putting your trust in a reputed company will pay well for the home.