How Much Does It Cost To Install Heated Seats In A Car?

Heated seats can be installed on any vehicle, no matter how old they are. The installation itself is very straightforward, and the cost is not expensive. You can have advantages with heated seats, especially if you live in a colder climate. Adding seat heaters will be a great addon to the vehicle.

This article will walk you through all the major details you need to know about heated seats and their different aspects to help you make better decisions on the price.

How much do heated seats cost?

Installing heated seats is not that complicated; the prices here are very affordable. You can obtain a good quality heated seat for under $500. The price will come down to the shop and their services.

A single heated seat will cost nearly $399; adding a single heated and cooled seat can raise the cost to $1000. You choose to take the route of DIY or hire professionals to take care of the task. Hiring professionals will raise the overall cost of installing heated costs in the car. 

Taking the DIY route will save you plenty of money, but if you are inexperienced, you will be prone to make simple mistakes during the installation process.

How Much Does Installing A heated Seat Cost?

Hiring a professional will take the price tag to $200 to $750 per seat, and the price will increase from $500 to $200 for two bucket seats. The professionals will reupholster the car seat by replacing the old material with fabric chosen by the owner, adding foam, and repairing springs. If you have some experience in this line of work, then you might think about taking the DIY approach rather than giving the work to a professional worker.

Hiring professionals will make the job much easier. You will have to put less effort into doing anything here since the professionals will have the experience and skill to perform the entire operation without any difficulty. Professional installation will come with a 3-year and 36,000 miles warranty. The average time for installing heated seats can be done in one hour by a professional.

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What are heated seats?

The heated seat takes advantage of a long metal strip that works like a resistor. The electric current flows through the resistor; this makes the energy turn into heat. The seat takes the heat generated from energy and then warms the rider. Using cloth materials also benefits the car, especially in the summer and winter months. When it comes to maintenance, heated car seats are very easy to take care of without much effort.

Are heated seats Good for your health?

While using a seat warmer sounds right, when you look at all the perks that come with them, it makes the deal better. But there is an upside to frequent seat warmers in the car. However comfortable it may sound to use a seat warmer every day, there are plenty of reasons you should limit the use of seat warmers.

Repeated exposure to the heated seat can cause toasted skin syndrome. Studies have also supported this symptom, as seat warmers lead to Erythema Abigne skin conditions. Using it over a week or a month will lead to skin conditions. Limited use of the seat warmer is the best way to prevent skin disease from catching on to your body.

Scientists have also warned that regular use of heated seats could damage sperm production by raising the body’s temperature to unhealthy levels. The study covers 30 healthy people to conclude.

Do heated seat Brands affect the cost?

Heated cloth seats from different comparisons from dodge, ford, and Hyundai will share different price tags on their product. Brand impacts the seat’s price tag more heavily, so knowing about the brand and the quality of seats they provide will help you make a better decision on the purchase.

You can easily google the company and the heated seats for sale. Reading up on the reviews will also help you understand the quality of the seat and its lifespan of it. Since you are investing $500 for a seat, you will research the brands properly.

Should You Get Heated Seat From A Reputable Shop?

Make sure to buy the seats from a reputable shop in your neighborhood. You can check their website to get what kind of service they provide the consumer and reduce their services. You can ask around to get a better idea of the shops in your neighborhood and the prices they charge for the installation.

If you happen to know somebody who just got a heated seat installed in the car, then asking them some questions about the performance and negatives will give you a clear idea of the product.

Heated seats should be seen as an investment rather than a minor purchase. Avoid getting a cheaper deal on the seats; look for a reputable shop listing to get a better quality product.

Should you look for aftermarket heated seats?

While installing aftermarket heated seats in a car is possible, the process is a bit complicated compared to the decent shop’s heated seats. The features that come from aftermarket parts don’t fit the car’s existing seats. But you will find some companies who revamp the car’s interior; after revamping, you can easily install aftermarket heated car seats.

Here you will have to research locating good quality aftermarket parts in the market. Check up on the review or contact a professional online or from your local area better to understand the prices and the quality product source.


Heated seats can make your life a bit more comfortable inside the car. But there is a price you have to pay at the initial stage of the purchase and in the long run on your body. Limited use of heated seats will save you from catching skin diseases and having a problem with sperm count. In colder areas, having heated seats installed can be very beneficial, but limited use of the seat will keep your body and skin healthy.