How Much Does It Cost To Change a Car’s Interior?

The car’s interior can take a lot of beating from spills, rips, friction, pets, harsh sunlight, and other damaging elements. So it can get very difficult to maintain the interior of the car without paying a heavy price at hand.

Many people like to save on maintenance fees at the end of the year but it is recommended that the interior of the car should be maintained on a frequent basis.

So they will pile up less cost at the end. But if you are planning to refresh the inside of the look fan car, then this article will give you all the information you need to set the interim straight.

The price for changing the car’s interior will be an expensive trip to take for your car. It is in no way going to be affordable by any means.

How Much Does It cost To Change a Car’s Interior?Depending on the location and the source, the prices will vary from one location to another. You can count on the average price for changing your car’s interior as low as $200 to as much as $20,000.

It has everything to do with the repairs and the material that you want to use to change the current quality. The high-grade material will come with a more stepper price tag compared to the decent quality ones.

Choosing a high grade will cost more, but it will bring a level of quality to the interior that will be breathtaking to see. A professional detailer will give you every type of change that you can do with your car.

Custom Seats Cover For Car Cost

If you are planning to add custom seat covers it can cost between $200, to $1,000 or more depending on size, style, and material.

You can either choose the seat from a vehicle manufacturer or a company that only specializes in seating.

The installation shop will charge more money and add batting, foam, or repairing springs. You are looking at spending an additional $100 to $800 more just for the installation.

The actual cost for seat installation will take around $200 to $1800. It all depends on how damaged the seats are and how much of a makeover you want for the interiors.

Reupholstering seat Car Cost

Reupholstering any seat by replacing the old material with custom fabric, adding foam, batting, and repairing springs will cost somewhere between $200 to $800 per seat.

The local rates might have the final number go up or down depending on your location.

However, the number of repairs, padding, will elevate the final number to a much higher price tag. If you’re planning to add an expensive material, then you need to pay a much higher price in return.

How much does Seats Car color Changing Cost?

While you can buy the colour kits that are especially available for cars. You can just buy any car interior colour kit for $300 to $800.

If you don’t like paying others to do this job, you can get some free time and a working area to try it out yourself.

The Garage option is cheaper but it will be up to you to put in your best effort if you have never done this before, then you are going to have a hard time making everything all by yourself. 

Should you do it by yourself?

It is better to look up a guide and practice with other random objects before taking everything by yourself.

Colouring kits may look fun, but it requires a level of the profession to get it just right. The first-timers can’t pull this off without any issue.

The installation by a professional will be under $200 to $400. But the quality of painting you will see on the car will speak for itself.

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How much do colouring panels and carpet cost?

Colouring door panels will cost $500, carpet and headliner will feature locusts between $100 to $2000.

So a professional car interior colour change can cost $500 to $1,500.

If you are planning to do it yourself, it will cost less, but you will need to look up some guide to prepare you for what is going to happen.

How much do Coloring dashboards and steering wheels cost?

Here you are looking at spending over $1000 for the dash alone because they carry airbags. For the steering wheel, the price will be fixated at $1000 as well.

So depending on the location and service source, you might spend over $1000 on these changes. 

Serving charges will also raise the price to another hundred dollars. Another approach that some take to avoid the large bill is the act of doing it by themselves; you can paint any corner of your car’s interior, even the dashboard. Just follow the guides and videos available online to do it in the right way.

How Much Do Leather Seats Cost?

Interior change will soon take comfort for your body. You can expect to pay between $1500 to $2000 for leather seats.

The price does include the material of the seats to the installation fees. The more seats you are planning to redo, the more money you will spend in return.

If you already have leather seats installed in your car and just want to change the colour, then performing minor repairs will cost around $700.

Leather seats are known for their durability; they are luxurious and very much easier to clean. You can do the patience service all by yourself without needing years of experience.

Just look up some guides to figuring out a proper technique on how to proceed with the plan. There are videos and written guides that will help every step of the way.

The best way to prevent any damage from being done to the lathe seat is by following the CCR method of clean, condition, and rest. Following these rules will help your leather seats to look as good as brand new every day.

How much does leather dyeing cost?

Dyeing leather seats will cost $200 to $700 by any professional service organization.

If they are to perform any extra repair to get the dyeing operation complete, they will charge more in return.

It can go above a few hundred dollars. You can dye the leather yourself by unscrewing them from our vehicles and getting some experts on properly moving forward.

Some guilds can help you do this entire job yourself by getting your hands on some tools and safety equipment.

The average cost of reupholstering the interior of a car

Some shops will have a limited amount for set upholstering. The ideal price you will encounter will stay between $200 to $400.

If you are not fond of picking up one by one, you go for the full reupholstering of the vehicle. That includes seats, side panels, sail panels, headliners, carpets, and more.

The cost here will stay between $1000 to $4000 for basic materials. Here you are looking at the bare minimum level of reupholstering.

Staying under the $4000 range will allow you to access a decent level of material for the internet.

Reupholstering car seats will require removal of the seats from the vehicle, then fabric. The fabric will get used to create a pattern for the new material. Then comes the checking and preparing of the springs and later adding pads as needed.

If you’re looking at simple repairs, then the price will stay under $300.

Again the price factor is much to do with the source and the location of the shop. If the damage is extensive, then the price will go up to the average amount.

A proper examination of the interior will tell all the secrets of the car.

Complete Reupholstering The Interior Of a Car Cost

If you are planning to redo all the interior that includes every corner, then you are looking at $5,000 to $10,000 to be the price that will give you the premium level of reupholstering.

The model of the vehicle, and the year, will play a role in the final amount. High-end clothes for interior design always cost more than normal ones.

If you’re adding a high-end level of the quality interior to your car, you will be ready to pay between $5,000 to $10,000.

Dealing With high-grade material is no easy stuff; the professional installation of reupholstering alone will cost over $200.

But the end product will look as fantastic as it did in the picture. You can follow other routes if you’re not fond of spending over $5,000 or $10,000 for the interior’s decoration.


The price tag of changing the interior will be affordable by any means. Every service organization will have its set of fees per hour ready to go once the car rules in its garage.

There is always another option of doing it yourself that you can take to save up some money getting the quality gear for your car. 

The quality of the material will also be a deciding factor on the cost. Therefore, you need to be well aware of the quality and budget you want to set for the car’s interior change.