How Much Does a Mink Coat Cost?

The mink coat is prepared From the hide of a Mink animal.

A mink comes under the weasel family. There is a pelt label on the interior of a mink coat if the coat is of high quality.

You can get confirmation that certain standards are in the coat by identifying this label.

Saga Furs of Scandinavia, the American Legend Mink Cooperative, and the North American Fur Association are some reputable Associations that you should consider for pelt labels assign.

Some popular colours of mink coats are black, brown, blue, sable, and dark brown.

Mink garments represent the ultimate symbol of elegance, status, and femininity. The wardrobe of a fashion-loving and sophisticated female is incomplete without a mink coat.

Generally, the cost is quite high of a real mink fur coat at all times. To guess the actual cost of a mink coat is hard.   

How Much Does a Mink Coat Cost?

$100 is the minimum cost, and $10,000 is the maximum cost of a designer’s full-length mink coat which is authentic and natural. The cost may vary depending upon the size, quality, store selling, and coat brand. The mink coats, which are sold at below $100, are not made from the real hide of mink. They only have a mink look.  

Cost of mink coat from various sources

Designer labels and clothing are the major influencers of the cost of a mink coat. $20,000 or more can be an uncommon cost of a coat with popularity because of a higher-quality brand.

There is no dye on a mink coat of higher quality. So the price will be automatically decreased when they are dyed, and it will be considered a lower-quality coat. 

Most of the slightly used coats are available on the online site called eBay. There are thousands of coats sold on this site, and the cost is between $500 to $4000.

They display a guideline that it is hard to find a good quality mink coat under $3000. If you want to buy a very good quality mink coat from any online site, then you have to spend a budget of $3000 to $10000 on average.

There was a discussion happening by Forum members on the cost of mink coats on The cost of a mink stole could be approximately $3000 nowadays, which would cost $300 in 1950

Some tips To Listen Before Purchasing a mink coat

● Compared to the fur of a male mink, the fur of a female mink is lighter and softer.

● Mink skin represents itself as one of the most durable skins of the fur market because it can last for 20 years or more.

● Less fur is used in a mink coat which has a lot of leather. Before buying a mink coat, you should know the quantity of leather and fur used in it. 

● As compared to the United States, China made lower-quality coats. So before buying, you have to look after the information about the manufacturing country.

How to save money?

You have to make sure to meet with a furrier if you want confirmation of purchasing a legitimate mink coat.

A real and higher-end quality mink coat can match your expectation by grabbing these furriers. You should avoid online purchasing and focus on physical shopping if you will spend more than $1000 on a mink coat.

If you don’t want to spend so much money and just want to gain experience with a mink coat, then go for an artificial one.

The artificial coat will cost you 80% less than the original one but the look will be the same from a little distance. 

Factors that influence the cost of a mink coat

Auction cost of pelts

More than 90% of raw materials like furs worldwide are sold in the auction where there is a beginning of fur processing.

Nowadays, the final cost of a specific mink coat model depends on the quantity and type of one or more fur used in it. Therefore, fur pelts introduced at an auction is the factor on which the cost of a mink coat depends. 

Quantity of fur pelts that are used in a mink coat

The final cost of a real mink fur coat is affected by the second factor: the number of skins used in one coat.

For tailoring the product, you need more than one skin. More skin use is directly proportional to the more expensive of the coat.

Long and big-size coats are more expensive because there is a use of more fur pelts. It is all about the size and number of fur pelts used.

The price of a mink coat is also affected by the voluminous collar or a hood. Depending upon the cut feature and size, the difference between a model with a hood or collar and without a collar or hood can cost about $350 to $950

Manufacturer quality

One of the most key factors that can affect the cost of a mink coat is the quality of manufacture since the cost and quantity of a mink fur are professionally processed.

Both female and male mink fur pelts can be used to make coats. The coats made by female mink fur are more expensive due to the use of more than one female mink skin because they are small in size compared to males.

As compared to male mink coats, female mink coats are much lighter and delicate but warmer. They need more care but are considered more desirable.

Compared to female mink coats, male mink coats are less soft and shiny but more durable and require fewer skins. Female coats are silkier and look less sharp. Because of the less silkiness and sharper look, male mink coats are better for firming tailoring.

Shade and colour of fur

There is no significant effect of fur colour that can influence the cost of a mink coat since there are different colours of mink skin available on the market.

There is a significant color of pelts available. Compared to dyed fur pelts, the natural colour of fur pelts is more expensive, like black Glama and black cross.

Black Glama is the most elite fur with natural soft, shiny, very plush, and black hair. As compared to black Glama, the other black mink coats have little black, long hairs. They also have good quality. But the black Glama mink coat is more expensive. 

More different models are available in different shades. The most popular and affordable shade is brown. It is an elite product and is called mahogany.  

Fur Formation and Sewing methods

The fur formation and sewing methods are also necessary. You can make a secure cost prediction by knowing the technology of formation and sewing methods.

To make one solid whole piece of garment, the garments are created by smaller pieces and this is the cheapest option of a mink coat called a pieced mink coat.

This can be made by using both female and male minks. Most furs are used from the paw, tail, and neck of a mink and also include the small pieces from the body’s other part.

The coats made from full pelts are more expensive than these coats. When one whole canvas is turned from several pelts, the whole-cut or full-pelt method is used.


Because of its decadently soft texture, incredible long life, lightweight, and unique sheen, mink coats become the highest-selling fur coat all over the world.

You should consider buying a female mink coat. It is a lifetime investment in clothing and it can make you separate from the crowd. Compared to fake coats, the real and natural mink coat is very soft and has pelts labels. To assure that your coat is real, you have to remove a few hairs from the coat and burn them. The burning smell is the same as the smell of burning human hair. Fake hairs smell like melting plastic while burning.   

The tailor uses the best part of the mink skin in most cases. The best parts like the belly and back of the animals have softer feelings and higher density. Compared to crop ones, the whole skin fur coat is more expensive and has higher quality also.

You can identify the cropped fur coat by its not identical or non-symmetrical piece pattern. Experts suggest buying mink coats from a furrier from Canada who is a member of the Fur council. As compared to local store sellers, furriers have more knowledge about the quality and right cost.  

Before buying a mink coat, you should look after the origin, quality of the pelts, and look and feel inside the coat to know the tailored quality, label, and lining.

You have to do a special dry cleaning to clean your mink coat. This coat needs proper care and handling.

There is special storage is required because of its sensitivity. It would help if you considered storing the coat at a local farrier during the warmer months.

The humidity level of the mink coat must be 45% and it must be stored at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.