How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows

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Tinting car windows helps reduce the oppressive heat in the warm months and can reduce glare on the windshield. It also offers a little privacy and security since people and objects are not readily visible if the tint is heavy. There is no doubt that it can add value to your ride, but what is the cost of a project like a window tint?

How Much does it cost to tint car windows? The industry standard for pricing with window tinting is 30 dollars per window, but specific details can lower the price. The level of UV protection, size of windows, and a number of windows can increase the price. A standard-sized sedan or small pickup should run in the range of $120 to $150 dollars. If you are tinting a large super-cab truck, van, or SUV, the price could climb as high as $200 to $250 dollars. Adding darker tint choices is also subject to a higher cost. A vehicle with many windows and deep tint could end up with a price tag of $380 dollars.

During this article, we will go in-depth, analyzing all types of the cost related to tint car windows, so what are you waiting let’s go.

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2 Things that make varying the price of tint car windows

 There are some variable on which the cost of the tint windows can variety as 

1- Number of Tint

The number of tints on which the service should be done has an essential influence on the final price, consider that some people like to tint only two just to give more style to the car, while others prefer to do all.

2- Quality of Tint

As for everything in our life, if you are searching for quality in something you have to pay more, but in the significant part of the case, this cost will be gain during the years.

Same discussion for the tint of your car window.

The first quality of tint is :

Quality of Material and its Cost

1-Dyed film Cost low


 this tint has a good appeal from the outside, is appear flat and opaque, and guarantees good visibility for the passengers inside the car. The price for the dyed film is lower

2-Metalized film Cost medium


The metalized film is probably the most used, especially for the people who won’t give an aggressive change to the car. The metalized film guarantees a layer that blocks UV rays; before buying or applying it, remember that it can cause some obstruct for radio waves or your phone signal.

The cost Of METALLIZED Film can be categorized as Medium

3-Carbon Film cost Medium-High


The carbon film can be considered one of the choices while choosing to purchase a tint for your car windows; it reflects UV with a higher percentage of the other two and gives your car an incredible new style.

4-Ceramic Film Cost High


The most expensive but the best on the market is the ceramic film.

This particular tint can block 99 percent of UV rays and does not fade. Another advantage of this tint is that it does not interfere with electronic waves like other types of window car tints.

Is DIY Tint Car Windows A Good Idea?

You may be tempted to try tinting car windows with a DIY kit or have a knowledgeable friend attempt the process. It may save a few dollars at the time, but you will most likely hate the results. 

Professional tinting jobs look because the installer has a lot of experience. Learning to tint windows correctly takes time, and you can become frustrated relatively quickly. 

Paying an expert is the best way to ensure it is done right the first time.

Are you not yet sure if tint tour car windows? I give you 4 benefits that will help you to decide to do it or not

4 Befeneft On Tinting car windows

1- Blocks UV Rays

As we saw during the article, some tint windows block a lower percentage of UV while other types can stop more; now you can think, why my tinted car windows should block the UV.

Consider that the UV is very harmful to the skin; in fact, prolonged exposure can also risk skin cancer.

This one should be an essential consideration to take, with significant attention for the people who drive for an extended time.

2- Savings on Fuel consumption

This one can say stupid things if you don’t think about that.

If you apply your window tint to your car, they can reflect the significant part of the UV with the consequence of less hot inside your car and less use of air conditioners.

3-Shattered Glass Protection

The layer that you apply will give additional safety if any object hits you. 

4-More privacy

This is one of the primary reasons why the central part of the people tint their car window.

Privacy is important, especially when you go down the road.

Imagine you park your car and walk forgetting your wallet of others bag with somethings that on the eys of a thief can have a value if your vehicle is parked in not crowd place, for sure somebody will try to steal the object inside the car.

Opposite discussion, if you apply a tint on your car windows, the thief cannot see inside, and you can walk more quite.

Why choose a profession for window car tint?

The obvious benefit to paying the price of having a professional tint your windows is that they will look sharp. You do not want to spend your time hiding the car in the parking lot in hopes of avoiding friends and family. Imagine the embarrassment if they notice a home tinting job full of air bubbles.

 Professional window tint installers will be aware of the local regulations when it comes to tinting levels. It will save you a pricey ticket.

Another important is that the professional you use will guarantee their work. You do not want to shell out hundreds of dollars and have the tint start peeling back within a few days.

Way To save money on Windows car tint

You can save money by being on the lookout for coupons and discounts in newspapers, local circulars, phone books, and websites. Window tint professionals will offer discounts to bring in new business. 

They often target their marketing to individuals that are new to the area. There may be a possibility that you can get a multiple car discount if there is more than one car that needs window tint.

 Ask your friends and family if they would like to share the costs with you and get an excellent tint job done at a reasonably discounted price.


You now know to know exactly how the prices are set and will know if the deal being offered is fair. If you are not comfortable with one service, keep searching for another until it is the right window tint and quote for your budget.

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