How Much Does It Cost To Build A Movie Theater In Your House?

Estimate the budget for building a home theater can be difficult because these come in different sizes and shapes according to personalization.

Before deciding on the budget, you have to know some important facts.

In this article, we will tell you every important point about the design of a home theater so that you can decide on a budget according to your economic state.

We will highlight the best value of home theater and the cost breakdown. 

Cost To Build A Movie Theater In Your House

A dedicated room in your house built to enjoy televisions, movies, gaming, and sports purposes is called a home theater.

These are generally closed rooms and are designed for providing true cinema experiences.

There are some factors to keep in mind before designing a home theater. If you don’t invest your time in designing, you can consider hiring a home theater design service.

You have to spend around $10,000 to $50,500 approximately to design and install a home theater in your house, and the average cost may be around $30,000. 

You should research the home theater design service that you hired. You have to diligence the company, look forward to their portfolio and talk to their former customer to collect more information because a reputable company will provide you with soundproofing to riser construction, electrical installation, and equipment advice. 

Room layout and design

Approximately $48 to $255 per square foot will cost to build a home theater in your house. The cost depends upon the level of construction, location, and material quality.

Once the room construction process is done, you have to focus on designing the room as a theater, which is the main step before placing any gear into the room. 

It is not very important to buy great pieces of equipment, but placing them in the right place is important.

Wrong placement creates awful acoustics. After doing some tests, taking measurements, creating a perfect layout, makes your home theater is practically functional.

You must spend approximately $1850 to $3,250 for multiple seating arrangements. Some important things you should do- 

  • Keep the speaker in the right place and focus on the acoustic need
  • Seating arrangement for the optimal viewing 
  • Place the front projector and screen in the right place

Cost of Acoustic treatments To Build A Movie Theater In Your House

Dialogue is the most important part of a movie with loud booming sound effects and beautiful pictures.

A good acoustic system can make a great sound quality from an average piece of equipment. Depending upon the room size, you have to spend around $10,000 to $30,000 for a basic panel. 

Fees of a professional who will design the home theater

You have to find a local provider who should be an experienced specializer in designing home theaters.

A professional may charge you around $490 to $2950 for designing. A well-spent budget can make sure to get a perfect layout and great equipment for the theater.

Once the designing process is done, you can jump to buy decors, furniture, and equipment. 

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Home Theater Pieces Of Equipment And Their Costs

The types of equipment for a home theater come under the high-end range. If you have a limited budget and want to install low-budget equipment, you must spend around $7,550 or more. Nowadays, The best types of equipment for investing in a theater are –

Sound speaker system Costs for Home Theater

You have to choose a good quality sound speaker with the latest sound effects for your home theater because sound plays an important role after the projector screen.

If you have old speakers, then no issue; you only have to add some more speakers to the theater.

If you spend a lot of money in this segment, it is well worth the price. It would help if you considered the DTS-X or Dolby Atoms speaker for better sound quality. 

Projector screen Costs for Home Theater

The projector screen is the most important element of a home theater. If you invest in a good quality screen, you will have this for decades as it is.

To get a great picture quality, the projector plays an important role. $1850 will be starting cost of a 16:9 screen. But a premium quality projector screen of the same size will cost about $3000

Central and front channel speaker Costs for Home Theater

For the main front speaker, you should not compromise; you should spend at least $450 per speaker.

Compared to rare speakers, these are more important because the central channel provides more than 80% of the dialogue. You have to spend around $1200 on each central speaker to get the special effect. 

Subwoofers Costs for Home Theater

The starting price of a subwoofer will be around $490. The more you spend, the best quality you will get. If you have a limited budget, then try to buy at least 2 woofers for a great experience. 

Surround and side speakers (effects channel) Costs for Home Theater

To get a pair of effect channels, you will have to spend around $400. With the increasing price, the quality also increases. You don’t have to spend much in this segment because the front channel plays a more important role than the side ones. 

Home theater projectors Costs for Home Theater

Front projection technology has become advanced nowadays and continuously improved day by day.

With the advanced technology, the cost also increases. We recommend an average range of a projector of $20,000.

Less-priced projectors are good for business purposes, and it doesn’t offer the same features as the projectors made for home. 

Home theater receiver Cost

The brain of the home theater is the home theater receiver system. It provides video switching, surround sound processing, and speaker amplification.

The lowest price of a receiver is $150, but its quality is also low. If you want a great receiver, you have to spend around $750 and more. 


After designing the home theater room and buying all the important components for it and its installation, you have to focus on some details of the room.

The factors that can bring differences and add aesthetic feeling are curtains on the side of the screen, a carper, sidewall sconces, and a popcorn machine.

You can ask for an interior design from your provider, which can bring life to the theater. 

To bring fun, you have to build a well-designed home theater with an eye-catching investment. You can expect as low as $10,500 for a private home theater.