How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dance Studio In Your House?

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If you or some of your sons love dancing and you are searching for a solution to improve your dance, one thing that you can consider is to build a dance studio in your house

Due to restrictions present, the possibility of improving in dancing together with other people has become more challenging. For that reason, in the last period, many classes offer services that give you the possibility of practicing at home. 

Having a dance studio at home can give many benefits for those who practice dance as a job, but what is the cost to build a dance studio? What do you need?

How much does it cost to build a dance studio in your house? The cost of building a dance studio will depend on your budget. You can create a pretty nice dance studio with a price of only $200, or you can make a semi-professional dance studio spending more than $5,000.

The cost you will spend on building a dance studio will mainly depend upon your necessity and the space you have available.

In the next part of the article, we will look at the prices that you might encounter, considering a tiny and huge budget

Build a Dance Studio At home (Tiny Budget)

The first thing to consider if you want to build a dance studio at your home is knowing the maximum amount of money you would like to spend. 

If your budget is under $500, you can achieve good results without compromising the final quality of the dance studio. 

Once you have an ideal maximum budget in mind, your next step should be to identify where you want to create the dance room. 

If you practice alone, it is a good standard to consider a minimum size of 6ft x 6ft ( 182cm x 182cm), and remove all the unnecessary things around the rooms that may hinder the space.  

Most of the money will be spent on purchasing mirrors for building a dance room at your home with a tiny budget. 

On Amazon, one of the best solutions that you might find are mirrors that come in a set of 3 pieces, and they may cost you around $30

During that phase, it is important to consider the space of wall you want to cover with mirrors, and depending on the amount you will purchase, you dictate the final cost of building your dance room studio.

Speaker cost for building dance room studio

If you still have money left over to complete that project after purchasing mirrors, you can consider buying a good speaker. 

The cost of a speaker for a dance room studio will depend on the room’s dimension. If you are building a dance studio into a big room, you have to consider that more powerful speaker you will need.

The price ranges for speakers will vary from brand and power; cheaper speakers may cost you around $50, while the most powerful in the market can cost you 500$ or more.

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Build a dance room studio (huge budget)

If you have enough budget and space at your home, you can create something bigger and more professional than a tiny budget dance room studio setup.

The money that you will spend building a dance room studio with a huge budget will be used to buy and install:

  • permanent dance flooring
  • dance studio mirrors
  • ballet barre
  • music system
  • soundproofing
  • ventilation
  • lighting

As you might notice, the equipment and installation are increased notably from building a dance room studio with a tiny budget. Many other considerations are taken into account.

In the next part of the article, we will look at the average price for each of them and give a final cost that you can expect if you want to create a professional dance studio at your home.

Permanent dance flooring cost

Once you have in mind the space where you want to build your dance room, your next step should be assessing the dimension of your floor. 

There are mainly 2 different solutions that you can adopt:

  • Installing a vinyl floor
  • Installing a wooden floor

The cost of a vinyl floor will depend upon the types of vinyl types and the amount you need to purchase. However, you can estimate an average price of 2$-$3 per square foot

The cost of a wooden floor will range between $6 to $12, and as well as the vinyl floor will also depend upon the types of wooden floor that you will decide to purchase. 

Installing a premade dance floor is not an easy task. It is highly recommended to contact a specialized company that will guide you in all the processes and the correct choice of materials to utilize. 

Dance studio mirrors costs

The next operation usually done during the process of building a dance room studio with a huge budget is choosing the right amount of mirrors to install in the room.

Important evaluations should be made before purchasing all the mirrors, especially regarding the quantity and area you would like to cover. Today, thanks to the internet, getting mirrors that fit your necessity has never been so easy. 

The cost you will spend will depend on the quantity and the installation purchase ( that may vary from place to place). However, you can consider a general cost of $15 per square feet. 

Ballet barre cost

The installation of ballet barre is optional and may not be necessary in some cases. Anyway, if you have a huge budget and want to integrate your dance room with the maximum equipment, the ballet barre is undoubtedly one of the things that cannot be missed.

The cost of ballet barre ranges from $130 to $700. The price differences are mainly due to the materials used for building it and the overall length of the barre.

Music system cost

music sytem cost for dancing studio

The cost of a music system will also depend on your preference and your estimated budget. 

The solutions that you may adopt may be multiple. 

Installing a professional music system involves the installation of a quality speaker and a good assessment of how the sound will be propagated in the room. 

Music system costs depend on the dimension of the room and how many speakers you would like to install in the room.

If you would like to install 3-5 speakers in the rooms, positioned in the corner of the rooms, you can expect $1500, considering an average cost of 200$ for each speaker of good quality

Other integrated systems such as tv and capable management installation may increase the overall cost of the music installation system, especially if the room is not fitted properly for installing electrical equipment.

Soundproof cost 

Depending on the zone of your house that you want to build the dance studio room, you may have the necessity of installing soundproof systems to avoid propagation and disturbing other parts of the house.

The cost of soundproofing depends on the rooms’ dimension and the coverage area where it will be installed. 

In the below part, you can see the average cost of installing soundproofing per square foot.

Soundproof cost for wall

The average cost per square foot depends upon the material and technique utilized. $1-$5 for the cheapest option, or more than 45$ for soundproof drywall

Soundproof cost for ceiling

If you do not install mirrors on the ceiling, you might consider installing soundproofing in the ceiling. However, this operation may be more costly than installing soundproof systems on the walls, mainly because of the work needed to install them. 

An average cost estimation is around $50 per panel without considering the labor cost.

Ventilation cost for dance room 

Another cost that should be considered only if your room is not fitted, is the cost of air conditioning and ventilation. 

Dancing is a high consuming activity, and depending on the average temperature of your room, on some days of the year, it may be difficult to continue training if the room is not properly fitted with a ventilation system. 

If you have to purchase an air conditioner, you can expect to pay a minimum of $500, but it can drastically increase if you build a big dance room. In that case, you might need more than 1 air conditioner, and the cost may exceeding $1000.

Lighting cost for a dance room

If the room you have chosen to build your dance room is exposed to the light sun, you can consider yourself lucky because you will not necessarily need to spend a considerable amount of money on a lighting system. 

Anyway, if you want to have the possibility of training in whatever part of the day, you will need it. Here, the cost depends on the dimension of the room and the labor rate cost of installing electrical components. 

A good illuminated led room may cost you thousands of dollars. And you also have to consider the cost of electricity that you need to pay each month for its use and the air condition system. 

If we have to sum up the overall cost of building a dance room with a huge budget, we can say that it might cost you from $2,500 to $7,000, depending on the spaces of rooms and the quality of products you will purchase.

Final thoughts

Building a dance studio is the perfect choice for those who want to train in their spare time and want to do it professionally. The cost for building a dance studio will depend upon the budget that you want to spend; if it is true that you can achieve good results with a budget under $100, it is also true that you can build a professional dance room studio by spending more than $5,000.