How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In Tampa Florida?

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Tampa city is situated on the Golf Coast of Florida, on Tampa Bay. For its cultural offerings, Busch garden, and museums, Tama is famous.

Compared to the National average, the housing expenses of Tampa are lower than 23%. But the city has 16% higher utility prices than the national average, and the transportation expenses like gas prices and bus fares are 6% higher. But, on the other hand, compared to the national average, the grocery price in Tampa is almost the same. 

If you decide to move to Tampa or build a house there and settle, you have to know some facts about the city. The city provides you with a good mix of white and blue-collar careers. 

  • The city has many historical options and charming neighbourhoods
  • Tampa has a growing job market
  • Houses of Tampa are inexpensive, and there is no income tax
  • The education system is excellent
  • Sometimes there is a nightmare occurs in the transportation system
  • You can enjoy so many beach sites and good weather

Average cost for building a house in Tampa

You can expect an average of $155 to $380 per square foot or more price to build a house in Tampa. Depending upon the house size, interior and exterior finishes, quality and quantity of materials, architecture, and builder, the cost may vary. The land cost doesn’t include in this. 

According to the HomeAdvisor guide of home construction, $245,000 to $355,000 can be the average cost to build a house in Tampa, and $65 to $155 can be the cost per square foot.

Because of stringent hurricane resistance, the price range is of Tampa is closer to the high-end. $198,000 to $280,000 can be the average price of a median house.

Cost for building a house in Tampa 2,400 square feet

$293,500 would be the building cost of a 2,400 square feet house. The costs may differ due to the house’s footprint, location, size, and work quality. 

There are so many factors that can influence the budget. Some of those are – resources, labor cost, framing, roofing, foundation, flooring.

Besides these factors, you have to pay attention to some other costs associated with the house construction process – builder fees, design and architecture fees, permit fees, and some additional expenses.

The cost-affecting factors can be categorized into 2 parts – hard and soft costs.

Hard costs for building a house in Tampa

The actual construction of the house is directly related to the hard cost. These costs include the labor fees, cost of raw materials, landscaping, land cost, and many more. In addition, some utility costs like electronics, plumbing, and ventilation cost are also included in this hard cost segment. 

A 4 inched reinforced slab costs around $5.65 per square foot to set a concrete foundation. According to shingles’ overall material and quality, the roofing cost varies widely. 

  • $3.30 to $5.55 per square foot can be the average cost for Asphalt roofing
  • $6.40 to $9.80 per square foot can be the cost for metal shingles
  • A house owner has to spend around $7,950 to $23,300 for a 2400 square feet house to build its roof

The rewiring and electronics cost of a new house would be around $5 to $10 per square foot, and $19,300 can be the total cost for electronics expenses for a house of average size.

In Tampa, the centralized air conditioning system installation can cost about $6,050.

Still, the cost may vary depending upon the energy efficiency, system size, warranty period, comfort features of the unit, and the contractor. 

The building standard has to be higher because of the abundance of tropical storms in Florida. So a high-end cost is seen in the sector of average structure cost. 

You can take a look at:

Soft costs for building a house in Tampa

The costs that are not related to the house’s physical structure are known as soft costs. For example, some soft costs are – real estate taxes, land taxes, permit fees, architect fees, and interior designer fees. 

Permit fees costs for building a house in Tampa

The average cost of permit fees in Tampa is approximately $7,700. Building permit fees, residential fees, mechanical permit fees, electrical permit fees, gas fees, plumbing fees, some miscellaneous permits for pool construction, roofing, renovation fees, and all other house-building permits. 

Land cost costs for building a house in Tampa

5,000 to 10,800 square feet in Tampa is the average lot size, and it costs around $32 to $45 per square foot. According to a survey, the average lot cost in Tampa is approximately $215,000 to $360,000. 

Design and architecture fees for building a house in Tampa

Generally, you have to spend 3% to 17% of the total house building cost to hire an architect in Tampa.

You can estimate the cost and do a building plan on your own or online, but it is best to appoint an experienced architect to help you plan the specific home design. He can provide a vision to build your house. You can hire an architect for $85 per hour. 


Over the past years in the United States, Tampa has continuously taken the top rank in the real estate market. For this reason, many commercial and residential investors show their interest in this city.

Due to the pandemic, the construction industry was severely affected, but Tampa’s real estate and construction market weren’t affected heavily. Among other cities in Florida, Tampa is one of the largest economic centres. 

So if you want to build your own house in Tampa, you can make it without any serious hurdles. Tampa is a metropolitan area that is growing rapidly. So no worries about unemployment. This is a safe city for your family. It would be best if you considered the decision to build a house in Tampa rather than buy an existing one because it is one of the cheapest areas to build a house compared to the other areas of Florida.