How Much Does It Cost To Build A House in Mexico?

One of the southern portion countries of North America is Mexico. Officially, Mexico is the United Mexican States. It is surrounded by the United States from the north, the Pacific Ocean from the west, Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea, Belize from the south, and the Gulf of Mexico from the east. 

Mexico is famous for its dazzling beaches, ancient ruins, incredible cuisine, and rich culture. You can visit the Mayan temple during the daytime and enjoy the fantastic food at night by listening live music rhythms in Mexico. You can also enjoy the Mexican lounge on tropical beaches and explore the underwater world’s marine life and vibrant color.

Compared to many other countries, Mexico has a low living cost. This country is full of history, culture, great weather, and welcoming and warm people. Mexico provides so many facilities to the people who want to move here from other countries. Compared to the United States, Mexico has 48% lower living costs and 73% lower rent costs on average.  

Approximate Cost of building a house in Mexico

Many essential factors can accurately estimate what it will cost to construct a new house. The main two cost-affecting aspects of building a house are finishing and designing your home. An average house’s total building cost may go from $10,000 to $20,000 to create a new house in Mexico, and you can build a three-bedroom house by spending around $45,000

You have to spend around $32 to $60 per square foot to build a house. The cost depends upon many factors like – area, material quality, availability, labor cost, and many more. 

Cost Influencing Factors

The building cost in Mexico doesn’t only depend upon the area you want to build or the finishing, but it depends on other factors. It is relatively affordable, modern, and easy to build a new beach-style house in Mexico.

You can build these houses with clean design and modern touch at a lower price. These houses have little tile usage, polished concrete floor, and bathroom walls have a smooth cement finish. The space of these kinds of beach style houses is less finishing touches and more open. 

Labor Cost To Build a House in Mexico

Compared to the labor cost of Mexico’s nearby countries, the labor cost in Mexico is cheap. $10 to $20 per day can be the average price range for construction workers in Mexico. In other countries, this cost is often the labour cost per hour. 

In short, the low labor cost in Mexico makes the whole building cost affordable. How complicated your building design is, what standards do you want, and where do you want to build your house? These factors will dictate the level of skills of the labourers.   

Material Cost To Build a House in Mexico

The material cost in Mexico is more standard in price, all thanks to international trade and globalization. The cost for concrete blocks, rebar, and concrete in Mexico is slightly lower but primarily similar to nearby countries. 

Some materials costs are less or the same as in other countries, including faucets, lighting fixtures, and tiles. You can save a lot on your building cost by learning building practices and local materials. 

Factors To Consider Before To Build a House in Mexico

1. Research the permit process and land cost before building a house in beach and downtown areas. 

2. If you decide to buy land and build your own house outside or in some of the newer parts of Mexico, you will need to research that area’s cell signal, electricity, and internet facility. It is also good to decide to build your home outside the city because you will get an access permit and fewer restrictions there. 

3. If you choose a lot in a planned community, you can get lots of sales with development. You will find those areas regulated and attractive and get assurance of more developments. But you may face certain restrictions on what is the size, what you build, and some other limitations. 

Important Considerations During The Construction Process

  • The method of building a house in Mexico is complicated. Everything in the place is concrete, and there is no wood framing. The basic makeup of the Mexican building is poured cement and concrete blocks. The limited timbers and climate are the two main reasons for this construction method. 
  • Rocks are usually the foundation of Mexican houses. The walls of these houses are made with rebar enforced pillar combinations and filled with blocks of concrete. Roofs and second floors are made of concrete beams and filled with styrofoam blocks or special concrete blocks. 
  • After completing the basic structure, the tubes and wires can run through the walls and then pack and patch the walls. 
  • The contractor has to prepare the walls with a sealer before starting the painting process. The roof should be covered with a sealant to keep out water.     

Insurance policy in Mexico to build a house

You need IMSS (social security) to build a house in Mexico. IMSS is healthcare coverage, and you or the construction company hiring can make a payment for IMSS. You will get fined according to the project’s cost if you have no insurance. 

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To build an affordable house in Mexico, you have to choose a perfect location, a reputable builder, an experienced architect, and skilful local labourers. You have to present on the site regularly to supervise the building work.

As we discussed above that, Mexico provides affordable labor costs and materials. So take your time and make every decision. And you can get your perfect dream house. If you are searching for the safest place to build your home in Mexico, then Yucatan, Merida, Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta, and Sayulita are some safest places. 

Building a new house is very stressful. You have to calculate the cost, contact a reputable contractor, and take many important decisions. The building cost mentioned above is not accurate, but it is an estimation. I hope you get some essential pieces of information by reading the article.