How Much Does It Cost To Build A Church?

It starts with materials, but there are a lot of other factors that also go into building a church

Mapping out the overall budget is a better way to start the project on the church building; there are also different steps you need to consider in the building process.

The primary factor that can dictate the overall cost of the building cost is the material. You could build the entire church from the ground from steel or brick. The budget here will not stay the same from one church to another, and the size of the church will also raise the end cost of the building project.

There is plenty of information regarding the church’s building and how much you can end up spending completing the entire process. Choosing a more high-end material with a custom design on the wall will raise the initial price too much.

The cost of building a church

The budget for steel material cost will be around $10 per sqft, and building a church with brick material will cost $75 per sqft. On average, you can expect to see the price range of around $10 for the steel and over $70 for brick material. 

Factors such as sqft, internal construction, furnishing, style, community donation, and more will affect the price. Choosing the material is going to be a significant decision on the cost.

How Much does it cost to use steel for building a church?

Steel material offers a more cost-efficient route for the building process. The bigger the layout, the higher the price tag you will face during the church’s construction. The cost for steel church building kits can range from $6 to $14 per sq ft. 

The price will vary if you decide to get a non-prefabricated steel building kit. The amount of purchase will affect the pricing if you choose to get a higher quantity of square footage of steel for the construction.

How much does it cost to use Brick to Build a church?

Moving this way of starting the church building process will include expensive costs. Brick churches are generally more costly compared to choosing a steel material. Even if you decide to go for the affordable brick material, you will experience a more precise figure compared to other materials. The average cost of picking brick material for a church building will cost around $70 to $80 per sqft.

The cost includes all the construction and labor costs; when you go for any cheaper material other than brick, you can look forward to spending around $25 per sqft. Another missing fee that comes with brick building construction is the cost of scaffolding, which can go upwards of $100 per sqft.

Other costs come with laying down the construction. Having a level ground and a concrete slab is how the foundation gets laid out in any building process.

The average cost of concrete pouring on the basis will cost around $4 to $8 per sqft. You will have to set up a separate budget for the concrete slab since you will pay per sqft. Any sort of accident in this stage will raise the price to a much higher number. The thickness of the concrete will also influence the cost.

While some might assume hiring professional workers might avoid any sort of disaster creation in the concrete pouring stage. But in reality, the chance of spilling tends to remain high even if you hire a skilled concrete crew for the project. Some costs attached to pouring concrete might fluctuate, but the average price might have a similar number.

How much will it cost to buy land for a church building?

land for building cost

Cost per land will be different compared to another location. You can expect the land price to be around $2,000 to $7,000 per acre. Here, you will have to research the land properties and their value. 

The land location will also affect the price of other things since the traveling cost will be a considerable part of the overall cost. If you pick a land far away in a remote location, then getting the material delivered to the background will be problematic to the delivery agent. They might charge more money over the top of the agreed amount.

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Installation cost for building a Church

Concrete pouring is not something anybody will be able to do without any prior experience in the field. If you plan to do it by yourself without any labor, you need to rethink the decision, as you will need some additional delivery to get this work done faster with no difficulty.

The grade of concrete, type of material, wire mesh, and finish sealer will affect the cost. Installing utilities will not be easy, and you will likely need to hire labor to get the job done perfectly.

You will need to hire labor for utilities, install doors, windows, finish floors, drywall, and more. You can expect to pay $6 to $12 per sqft for hardwood floor installation. If you are thinking about choosing carpet floor installation, then the price will be around $3.50 to $11 per sqft. Installing drywall will cost around $1 to $3 per sqft.

Windows and Door Installation cost

Then we move on to the windows; installing them will set the price at $300 to $1,200. Here you will also need to count the labor charge, and the window installation cost. The labor price will be $40 per hour for windows installation.

Door installation will cost between $400 to $6000; everything here comes down to the material used in the door. Picking any higher material will set the price on the high radar. The design of the door will affect the cost as well.

Cost of labor for building a church 

Here you will also need to set out the cost of the door labor installation charge. The price here will be the same as the windows installation charge, and you can expect the labor charge to stay between $40 to $90 per hour

You will also need to think about electricity installation, and this will include a lot of wiring, which will set the cost around $1.56 to $3.75 per sqft. The average cost for labor that comes with electricity installation will be around $40 to $99.

And lastly, we have plumbing installation, and anything new plumbing fixtures will cost around $600 to $1,600. If you plan to create a large plumbing project, you can expect the prince to be set at $4.50 per sqft.

Extra Add-On Costs for building a Church 

Adding exterior add-ons will make the place look more appealing to people. Since the church is a place that is designed to attract people, it is better if it has all the visual appearance of any fine religious establishment.

 Avoiding the extra add-ons will degrade the quality of the building since it is going to be a church. You will have to put the additional add-on cost to make the place visually appealing to many people. So they will come back without any hesitation.

This section will take you through all the minor add-ons to make the church appeal to more people.

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Cost for building Paved parking lot

The cost here will stay around $2.50 to $7 per sq ft, and the material and labor charges are also included in the price.

Cost for building Concrete walkway

The price here will stay at $6 to $12 per sqft.

Cost for building Ramp

You can expect the price to be $1,285 to $1,841. Dealing with a professional builder will set the price at $2000.

Cost for building Landscaping

Brand new landscaping will cost $200 per hour, or the price will be around $4 to $12 per sqft after installation.

Cost for building Concrete porch or patio

The price will be set at $3 to $15 per sqft. The cost here may increase depending on the customization option picked by the owner.

Cost for getting permit

Another high cost that you need to consider is getting a permit from the state. The price here might stay at the exact figure compared to other states. The price of getting a license for building inspection and permits will be around $300 to $2000 or $3000

It all comes down to the size of the building and other details that will play a huge factor in deciding the cost. Certain costs such as liability insurance such as fire insurance may increase from $37 to $60 per month.


Building a church has much to do with the material, size of the church, and other extra add-ons to make the place visually attractive. The price here can range from affordable to premium; it all comes down to preference.

More investment will be needed to add more add-ons to the church’s exterior design and interior work. All the sections in this article goes through the average and premium add-on cost. But the prices will be different depending on the location and purchase source. Make sure to do some research to get the project started.