How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3D-Printed House?

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Innovation always leads to a reduction in prices over time. The introduction of 3d printers has no expectation; they follow the same route as many technologies that have come forth and changed the world’s landscape today. 

New technology comes with lower prices, better affordable products, and many other significant advantages that help more people and impact many lives. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the exact price for 3D printed houses. We will have to look at the recent projects to get a current view of the market.

The cost of a 3D printed house

There are tons of important elements attached to 3d printing. However, looking at first glance can be very overwhelming to new eyes. 

The cost of building a 3 bedroom house with all the conventional building methods followed will round up to $250,000 to $320,000.

The cost of the same house through 3d printing will lower the price from 20 to 40%. In 3d printing, the same house can cost around $140,000 to $240,000.

The rising popularity of 3D printing

The introduction of any new technology opens up a road for many people bound to the old school methods.

3D printing has led to new objects with unique perspectives that weren’t available in the past. May suggests the future of homebuilding lies in 3D technology as it is currently being used to build homes with half of the time and price. This emerging market is slowly overtaking the conventional method of construction.

More and more people are attracted to this new way of construction as it cuts down on the cost and time required for the building to reach its finishing stage.

The method that gets followed here is pretty simple. As it only involves the design and printing out. 

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Price of 3D printed house

When you look at the production cost, 3D printing costs as little as $4000 per unit. In addition, it could take weeks or even months to frame out with traditional homes, but from a 3D printed house, it can take as little as two days. This is why the popularity of 3D printing is overtaking the traditional option for construction.

Accessories Cost For 3D printed house

People often mistake assuming the price of every element of house building will differ in 3D printers. In reality, the statement holds little to no truth at all.

Most house elements such as windows, doors, electrical wiring, paint, and finishing will come from the traditional source.

Their cost will remain the same as with the conventional house design. Almost all of them are beyond the construction capability of a 3D printer.

Builder charges For 3D printed house

Not all builders will charge the same pricing method for their products and services. Therefore, you are going to encounter different price listings on their services. Here, you will need to take your time and find a reputable breeder that will give you the quality while maintaining the project’s financial aspect.

The printers that will get used for the project are among the most expensive pieces of equipment to own. They are one-of-a-kind investments that many companies struggle to make.

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Reputable 3D printing Construction Facility

A basic 3D construction printer will cost anywhere between $40,000 to $100,000. But, of course, it all depends on the models; the larger the model, the higher the price. 

One of the challenges of building 3D printed houses is the amount of construction permits that allow the construction phase to start.

Unfortunately, only a handful of construction permits have been handed out for 3D-printed houses. You will find the allowance done in selected areas. One of the best ways to find yourself a reputable construction company is by choosing the large size local construction companies in your area.

Many companies have their websites set up to help new people who may not know enough about 3D printing construction.

So, if you plan to give this model a chance, you can hit their website and start talking to professionals about it. These websites come with various features, all of which help people navigate through complicated aspects of 3D printing with ease.

Things to consider before building a 3d printing home

While it is a new way of doing construction, most construction facilities have not adapted to this technology yet.

So you might have a difficult time finding a company with a reputable history behind their organization. It is always better to take time and look at as much as information you can about the local construction company and their policies regarding 3D printing.


It can be very difficult to give an exact cost of a 3D printed building. The structure size, complexity, and other factors will have a greater influence on the pricing.

However, when you’re shooting for low, it is possible to get yourself a 3D print house for under $5000. That price tag will cover the house’s structure, including the base, walls, and rooftop. In some cases, the price even includes wiring.

The pricing for 3D printed buildings will depend on the built-in area and purpose. If you plan to create a high-end project with 3D printing concrete and other construction components, you can expect the cost to rise.

On the other hand, if you are building a decent 3D printed building, you will not have to worry about the high price tag.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of insufficient data regarding 3D printed house prices in the market. It is still a brand new technology that has not been implemented in every corner of the world.

More data will lead to accurate information. Companies in the future might make a move towards the construction of 3D printed buildings. The inclusion of more technology will reduce the price of the 3D printed house as well. Therefore, we might see more accurate data about 3D printed houses in the future.