How Much Does An X-Ray Machine Cost?

If you want to know how much an x-ray machine costs in the current market, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of modern x-ray machines and the used market.

Portable x-ray machines are an everyday accessory to see in intensive care units worldwide. The machines are precious to the organization as it helps them to perform top clinical examinations with more accurate details. The machines are now more technologically developed with more features.

Now the machines will perform portable exams almost half of the time of an older computed machine. The rising technology has made the engine more efficient and compatible with any environment.

How much does an x-ray machine cost?

A modest investment of $40,000 to $80,000 is required to obtain one portable x-ray unit. An Analog system with the option to retrofit a detector typically sits around $62,000 to $140,000.

The type of flat panel and the size of the machine will settle the cost of an x-ray machine. A brand new, fully digital model of an x-ray unit will cost around $125,000 to $235,000. These large machines will feature a power output option and the type of detector.

Most organizations go for complete coverage service plants that include tube, battery, and detector drop protection to avoid the high cost of repealing and replacing the flat panel detectors. Analog units will require different coverage such as second call or time, materials only agreements. A BME staff can service analog units.

How much does it cost to buy an analog portable x-ray unit?

On average, you can expect the price to be around $36,000 to $79,000. $36,000 will sit on the lower end of the average price, and $79,000 will be at the higher end. You need to contact your local surgical equipment stores to get the correct details on the pricing of medical-related machines in the current market.

The price always goes up and down depending on various factors. The average price stays between $36k and $80k, but the specific cost of an analog x-ray machine is not consistent at all.

How much does it cost to purchase a digital portable x-ray unit?

Digital x-ray machines cost more than your average analog-style x-ray units, and the average price stays between $125,000 to $235,000 or more. On the lower end, you will encounter price ranges to remain between $125,000 to $166,000, but when you draw the line a bit higher to the premium side, you will experience upwards of $200,000. These digital portable x-ray units will also come with flat-panel detectors.

Is buying a less expensive x-ray machine a good idea?

You need a machine that will help the medical organization reach new heights in solving the world’s challenges. The medical world will always face several challenges with diseases and symptoms. Buying a less expensive machine is an excellent way to save a lot of money, but that doesn’t necessarily translate well to being a problem solver. Getting an affordable x-ray machine will not meet your needs or the needs of the patients. 

Information is crucial in almost all the sectors of the organization. In the medical world, a single piece of information can change many things; it can bring people back to life or lead them to death; how the equipment will perform is an excellent indicator of the accuracy of the information you will get from the machine.

Lower end technology on an x-ray machine will result in lower-quality images. Poor images will always lead to less information in the diagnosis report. Having little information about the x-ray diagnosis will reduce the medical treatment. Providing the best care to the patients will require a premium-grade machine. Having a high initial price on a device might be intimidating at first, but it will help practitioners get the best care for the patients.

Should you check for any regulations?

The buyer should look at FDA regulations before you decide to get an x-ray unit. The regulations here are constantly changing, and using the old machine could result in being fined or forced to upgrade over the old machine.

Low-end devices are obsolete in the future since they are less efficient compared to the newer model. However appealing lower models can be, in the current market where everything is about competition from one brand to another, delivery results are the only thing that matters to the people.

The equipment you want to purchase must meet all the current codes and follow all the current trends within future guidelines. Getting an old x-ray machine might sound great, but that machine will bog down with fines and mandatory upgrades. You can also expect to face some recurring maintenance costs and repair fixes now and then.

How durable are x-ray units used?

They do save a lot of money, but it is hard to tell when it comes to durability. The constant use of any machine will deteriorate its lifespan; x-ray devices are no different. Since they are part of the medical industry, it suffices to say that the previous organization must have used these machines for a long time. 

The cost of an used x-ray machine

The performance will take a considerable hit after running for more than 5 to 6 years. Getting a used x-ray unit certainly saves plenty of money since there are a lot of sellers who put x-ray units on sale at a far lower price than a brand new one. You quickly find a used x-ray machine for $50,000 and $100,000. But don’t expect to receive any warranty with the device.

The medical world doesn’t benefit from using old machines since every medical institution competes against each other to provide the best service to patients and secure their position in the current market. 

Getting a piece of older medical equipment certainly saves plenty of money, but it will cause more damage and indeed suck the money out of the organization in the long term.

Information about the x-ray machine

There is also a chance of getting scammed here, and you will have to spend more time here looking for a seller that has all the correct credentials, certificates, and other paperwork to prove the legitimacy of the machine.

Normal human beings don’t own an x-ray machine, and you will need all the legitimate paperwork to make sure the machine’s origin and purchase date. Buyers will ultimately spend more time researching the used device and its market price in the current world.

These are some things that make many medical organizations shift away from used machines to getting brand new ones. They cost more, but the performance will be the latest with all the efficiency of modern appliances. More work will get done faster with accurate results is always what sways many people’s opinion on getting a used machine.

Do x-ray machines need repair or maintenance?

The maintenance of an x-ray machine is not cheap in any form. The initial investment in the x-ray machine all depends on the device’s owner. But if the owner decides to get an ‘affordable’ x-ray machine for a much lower cost. Then prepare to face some heart price tag on maintaining the old machine daily to make it work and produce results that will help the doctor.

Like any other machine, the X-ray has a considerable array of machine-related problems that will need a robust solution.

  • Maintenance of the machine will lead to a loss of revenue because it will spend its time in the repair process rather than being used as a machine. Most of the machine’s features will not be running during the time of maintenance.
  • Hefty price tag to repair the machine back online.
  • The repair and maintenance of the x-ray machine will be widespread compared to the additional services required to run a brand new x-ray machine.
  • Many regulations and government rules have been set up to prevent hospitals from using old technologies in their workplace to treat their patients. So, the possibility of receiving fines and charges on the machines will be prevalent.

It is bad for businesses to have old inefficient x-ray machines to treat patients. Most patients go to the best doctor with all the latest technology to help them get better at a much faster state.

In the medical realm, one can feel the effect of modern technology around every corner of the hospital. Most patients will never settle with an inefficient machine to save their lives.


X-ray machines cost a lot of money, but they will also give helpful information with accuracy and precision. Modern equipment is by far the solid choice to run a current organization.

The used x-ray market offers plenty of value, but that will also lead to slow results with incorrect data. Patients generally want to know accurate information about their health, or they will resort to other locations to get that answer.

The technological revolution has made x-rays more precise and efficient in the medical field. Modern x-rays are going to cost over $100,000 and more if you add the features and accessories to the mix.