How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Antenna?

The antenna is a crucial part of the radio, as it boosts the reception for the radio signal, communication devices.

As long as the antenna stays intact in the car, you can expect to get a clear radio signal without any problem.

They even help with hotspots inside the vehicle.

There was a time, you will find an antenna standing tall off the front of the car.

The antenna itself was quite decent but the strong wind will whip the antenna from the car.

If you are looking for the cost and the fix for the antenna on your car, you are in the right place.

Modern technologies have brought upon plenty of changes that have worked out for the antenna. as it features a telescoping antenna, windshield integrated antennas, and many other variations that do the job fine without running the car’s overall image.

How Much Does It cost To Replace A Car Antenna? The cost of replacing an antenna in a car will cost around $148 to $164. Some factors play a role in dictating the price of the antenna, but on the low side, you can expect to pay around $140 and on the high end, you can expect the price to go upwards of $150.

Factors such as style of antenna, cost of labor are two of the most significant impacts on the price.

The labor cost of replacing an antenna will be around $58; depending on the antenna’s style, the labor price can go upwards of $70.

The goal of the antenna is always to have a seamless design that perfectly integrates with the car.

If it’s designed perfectly,y then the user will not notice the presence of the antenna.

Reason To Buy Antenna

If the radio antenna is broken, then radio waves will bounce over a car and get intercepted. The signal makes the transmission stronger, missing the antenna will result in poor quality.

The same kind of system works for navigation systems and satellite signals.

It is easier for people to know when the antenna is broken. When it fails, signals will have trouble reaching the radio. 

The user inside the car will experience lost signals on all FM/AM channels. If you are dealing with a problem similar to this, then you need to think about repairing the antenna for it to work the way it should.

Professional Repair Antenna Cost

You can self-diagnose the car antenna by yourself.

But if you want a professional opinion on the antenna’s health, you need to take it to the shop.

Here they will charge you $20 to $60 for diagnosing the problem. If you happen to live in a smaller area, you can get the diagnosis done at a lower price.

Dealers in big cities will charge a lot of money.

If the antenna fails, then a technician will test the car antenna circuit to start the diagnosis process.

Then, the signal wire and the wire that harnesses for defects will get done.

Problems with radio will result in many of the components attached to the antenna being replaced.

If any problem is detected on the antenna, then the antenna will need to be replaced. The problem can take a turn for the worse.

If the problem source is in the radio, the entire radio will get taken out and replaced with a new one. Losing signals for the radio can result in many factors.

If it’s the antenna, then you might get off without paying a significant amount of money in return.

A broken radio could also result in lost signals, here you need to replace the radio to work better.

What affects the price of antennas?

The quality of the car will affect the price of the radio.

As popular cars tend to have radio prices reflected on the quality of the car.

But in most cars, you can replace the car antenna by doing a simple repair.

It requires you to unscrew the old antenna from its base and then disconnect the coaxial cable and ground wire.

After the disconnection, you can safely remove the antenna and then replace it with a new antenna.

All of this work done by a professional can cost you around $60 for 1 to 2 hours of labor work.

Replacing the antenna is not as hard as you might think. It is much better to do this entire operation by yourself by getting all the parts and then performing the repairs.

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What kind of antenna should you buy?

The next thing that will surely break your budget is the radio itself. If you are replacing the car parts due to broken or faulty equipment.

Then you will see a range of options that can help you save money.

Aftermarket car antennas will cost you around $10 to $19.

You can still opt-out for OEM parts produced by the same manufacturer.

The parts will be of the same quality as all the original equipment. If you are looking at cost-saving and enhancing experience over your old radio, you should look for aftermarket parts and choose the OEM products.

OEM parts can range from$20 to $90 on the higher end, but when you make the switch to the aftermarket car antennas, then the range will start from $10 on the lower end and $40 on the higher end, some brands tend to work better than others, but he core functionality stays the same for all sides.

Make sure they fit your budget bracket and design that can handle the environmental challenges on the road.


Here you have plenty of options on how to change the antenna yourself by obtaining all the parts required for the change. If you do not like the idea of doing things by yourself, then you can take it or a professional to look after the antenna. That will cost you more money but you will not have to do any work related to the replacement.