How Much Does A Russian Blue Cat Cost?

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Russian blue cats are the most stunning cat in the market. At first glance, you will see why so many people like to have one around them. But the pricing details about Russian blue cats appear to be vague and difficult to find.

Since there are a variety of factors that can affect the price negatively and positively( as for others breeds of cats like : Savannah cat, Sphynx cat ) . So if you are wondering about the average price tag for these cats and how much you can expect to spend on buying the cat and maintaining them all year round.

Then this article will give you much more clear information about these questions. So it will make you an educated decision about making the purchase.

How much does a Russian blue cat cost?


A typical Russian blue cat will cost somewhere between $500 to $750, this price tag is exclusive to kittens. If the cat is of a high pedigree quality, then you can end up paying upward of $1,500. Again the price gets settled through different factors that take place in the life of Russian blue cats.

Higher Price$1,500
Lowest price$500
Average price$750

These factors push the breeder to sell the cats at a higher price tag. Factors such as breeder reputation, the cat’s lineage, local availability, age, and gender play a huge role in deciding the end price for the cats.

While some might be ready to go through the trouble to get the cat as fast as possible other people take a more subtle approach to the subject. Learning about these factors will help you decide what kind of cat that you should get for yourself. Not all Russian blue cats share the same quality or features.

Some might be valuable to people who want to breed the cat, while some see the cats as great pets. Different reasons can lead to a variety of prices and maintenance costs.

A cat as exotic as Russian blue cats will have their fair share of maintenance in life, which needs to be taken care of daily. The striking physical characteristics are hard to maintain if the owner doesn’t provide the cat with enough nutritious food and daily checkups. Russian blue cats tend to live a longer life.

Pricing Details of Russian blue cats

Compared to other forms of cats, Russian blue cats fall in exotic cats in the market. The rarity of the cats is what makes them so expensive and harder to find. Different countries will have their separate price tag for these Russian blue cats.

Cost of Russian blue cats by County

In Europe, you might end up paying $1000 for a Russian blue cat, but in the USA, the cost of a Russian blue cat can land somewhere in between the range of $500 to $750. Different factors also can affect the price of the cat.


Suppose if you are looking to get a Russian blue cat for the show, then the price of a show Russian blue cat will easily beat the price of a normal cat.

A show Russian blue cats can cost upward of $1,500. The show quality will come from the standards maintained by the breeder. Most breeders will even refuse to hand over the kitten if they don’t see the owner taking care of the kitten well.

The majority of the Russian blue cats are spayed to prevent careless reproduction. This is another reason why you see a higher price tag on these kittens.

5 Reasons That Influence The Cost of Russian blue cats

This section of the article will cover the different elements of the Russian blue cats that affect the cost of the cat.

Typically you will have to pay on average $500 to $750 for a kitten. When you learn about the factors that affected the pricing details, you will make your decision data-driven instead of getting the cat without any prior knowledge.

This instead hurts the chances of getting a quality cat that will live longer without any issues.

#1 Breeder’s reputation

Breeder’s Influence  in the final cost

The price tag of $500 to $750 will be available at a reputable breeder. In the market, you will see prices even go lower than $500, but that does not say you will get the best looking and healthy Russian blue cat.

Instead, you might get scammed on your deal. A reputable breeder will have years of experience in taking care of the cat. They will never miss any single details that require the cat to function well. Breeding practices allow the breeder to take all the right steps to make the cat healthy and better.

In the breeder world, the initial maintenance of the cat can amount up to thousands of dollars; if more cats are involved, the higher prices will be in simply maintaining the cats daily.

That is why they are going to charge more money for the cat. A non-reputable cat will never go through all the trouble of getting the cat a proper vaccine, papers, or any checkups. So the chances are less you might get a healthy cat since none of the claims will be backed up by any paper.

#2 License of cat

LICENSE Influence  in the final cost

A license is a recognized form of paper that will help the buyer track down the cat’s lineage without getting scammed. Only a reputable breeder will go through all the trouble to acquire these papers for the cat. They are a bit expensive for the breeder to handle since they will have dozens of cats from the same breed. Only a reputable breeder will get the paper for all the cats instead of missing any one of them.

#3 Cat’s lineage

Lineage influence in the final cost

Lineage is an important factor for the people who want to get the cat for breeding purposes. The breedable cat will cost higher than a regular cat. A breeding cat will cost more, as they will have the proper license and health to bring more kittens than a normal Russian blue cat. The reputation of the breeder will put a higher cost on these cats.

#4 Availability of cat

availability influence in the final cost

If Russian blue cats are rare to find in your area or your country, then you will end up paying more than the average amount of $500 – $800 for a Russian blue cat.

The blue-eyed Russian cats are even some of the rarest animals on the planet. It is difficult to get a blue-eyed Russian cat since they are very unique in appearance. At the same time, if you see more kittens in the market, you will see the price drop by 10% to 15%.

#5 Adoption

If you are not ready to pay $500 to $800 for a cat, you can think about adopting them, as the adoption price can come between $15 and $200. Normally with that price figure, you will get a cat that is just one year old.

Most cat breeds who are up for adoption fall into the same category of the price range. While you may not get the fancy version of a Russian blue cat, you will get this breed through adoption without paying upwards of $300.

Under $200, you will have your hands on a good-looking Russian blue cat. A non-profit organization owns adoption shelters. These organizations depend on donations, grants, and fundraising to continue their operation.

The adoption fee will not be consistent for all, if the kitten has received better healthcare, age, gender can impact the adoption fees of the kitten. Every cat in the shelter goes through a post-adoptions medical exam from a veterinary clinic, so you will get a healthy cat and some post-adoption support through adoptions.

Maintenance Cost of Russian Blue Cat

Every animal in the world needs a proper form of maintenance to stay healthy and active in its life. If you are thinking about making a purchase, then try to cover these sections as well.

As there will be a lot of expenses to taking care of the cat properly. A well-maintained Russian blue cat will easily live for 15 to 20 years without showing any sign of terrible conditions. If daily checkups are maintained, then they will still have the glow on their face in the future.

Diet Cost

The age, weight, level of activity of the cat can impact the food they should consume per day. The rule applies to a normal cat and the cat who is pregnant. Here you can feed your Russian blue cats normal cat food, which will cost $25 per week. Adding treats will also help them suppress hunger, this can raise the price to $15.

Food is essential in the lives of cats, if they don’t get the proper amount of nutrition and minerals that they need daily, their health will start to deteriorate. And some of the problems will be easily visible on the surface.

Reaching to an extreme is something that you should avoid, at that point, the cat will need vet’s care. Which can blow up the maintenance cost of the cat to thousands of dollars. So it is better to give the cat enough nutrition and minerals to keep their health steady and active.

Accessories cost

You will need to create a perfect playful environment for the cat, this can be done by adding plenty of necessary accessories and toys to make them happy and fun to be around the house. 

You want the cat to be engaging, they are very social and active creatures. Adding toys will help them be engaged, and having direct access to all the tools will make their life much easier for the cat and the owner too.

So here are some of the major important accessories that you will need to add after purchasing one. Adding food bowls, cat bed, blankets, cat collar, leash, furniture scratches, brushes, clippers, litter box, and toys.

Only some of it needs to be changed weekly but others can be permanent; things like cat collar, bed, leash, furniture scratches, brushes, clippers, will last for a while. But litter boxes, treats, food, blanked, and bed needs to be cleaned and changed.

The total cost of all the accessories will stay under $400 for Russian blue cats. Their requirements are not as exotic as their looks. Providing them with regular maintenance will help them live longer and better.

To create a good mood, the environment needs to meet all the essential needs of a cat. Having the accessories and toys will help the owner to create a perfect climate for the cat.

Food bowls$18
Cat bed$20
Cat collar$15
furniture scratches$20
Litter box $50
Average price taken on amazon

Healthcare cost

Russian blue cats will need their vaccinations that can cost between $35 to $50 per visit. Vaccination jabs can cost somewhere between $50 to $100 per time. If the situation is deadly or serious, then the price can mount up to $1000.

Personal circumstances can impact the price of the cat a lot. If the cat doesn’t go through daily checkups, then it will have serious disease and illness. If the situation takes a turn for the wise, then the cat will need a surgical procedure to cost upward of $1000.

That is why all the professionals recommend the cat owner visit the vet weekly. So any problem can be taken care of without letting it spread any further.

Visiting the vet will solve most of the minor issues with the cat, and eventually, it will stop any major future disease. Russian blue cats are not known to carry deadly diseases within them but proper health care makes the cat healthier and better.


The price tag for Russian blue cats will not be cheap; the factors mentioned above will play a huge role in deciding the average price for them. Make sure to do a variety of checkups on the breeder before making a purchase. If they handled the kitten well, the results will show on the face; having access to major paperwork will also give a much-needed legitimacy to the breeder. Then it is up to you to get the cat that you want that meets your needs.