How Much Does a Ruby Cost?

Ruby still holds the highest prices of any colored gemstone. The cost per carat prices of finest quality rubies are growing significantly.

It can get very difficult to find this natural gemstone at a reasonable price.

The price, on the other hand, also seems to rise as it grows in popularity. Multiple factors do contribute a lot to raising the overall price of a ruby.

The quality of material, the cut, and the color difference all influence the asking price for these gemstones compared to any other available on the market.

Size does matter a lot in the ruby purchases.

The cost per-carat of a ruby will increase dramatically as you increase the size of these gemstones.

If the stone is of better quality, then prepare to pay a hefty price tag for the goods.

How Much Does a Ruby Cost?

The purchasing cost for a ruby will start as low as $90 to $100 and go all the way up to $3000 to $5000. It all depends on the quality of ruby and the value it carries in the gemstone world. Rubies come in many different colors from blood-red to orange-red, purple-red, brown-red, and even pink-red. The color of these gemstones will have either a negative or positive effect on the price value.

The Ruby gemstones can be found in countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia, Namibia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Brazil, Scotland, United States, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar.

Although rubies are expensive they don’t even come close to the prices of diamonds. Rubies arguably cost a lot, for example, a carat of high-quality ruby will cost as much as $800 to $900. However, if you reach the high end of the ruby ladder, then you will come across expensive rubies that will match the prices of diamonds.

Ruby Cost Details

Some rubies, such as Pigeon Blood Ruby from Mozambique, have a price tag of $50,000. The higher-end rubies will come close to the cost of diamonds.

Characteristics will play a heavy role in deciding the ruby prices. To an untrained eye, it can get very difficult to distinguish between one ruby stone to another since they all will have familiar similarities without any difference.

But there are grading factors that these ruby stones have to go through to be considered high quality.

Things To Check Before Purchasing A Ruby

Rubies follow the same procedure as diamonds.

The deep natural color of the ruby will fetch a high price as they will be considered stronger and more intense in color.

Other factors include clarity of the gem and cut quality.

The cut quality plays a less significant role in the ruby than on other gems. The high-quality ruby will combine the rich natural color with celery to create a rare gemstone with an expensive price tag attached to them.

A good quality ruby will not cost over $50,000 or $100,000. It is possible to obtain a natural ruby stone for less money while still retaining a premium quality.

It all comes down to deciding how much these rubies should go for in the market. These factors will be the ultimate decision for the rubies.

If you are planning to purchase rubies but do not know what factors you should look out for, this section will cover all of them.

What are the factors that affect the Cost Of A Ruby?

All the factors mentioned above will play a role in dictating the price of the ruby. Therefore, knowing this issue will help you a lot in the purchasing decision.


Ruby needs to be in the right color; as with emeralds, the most critical factor of any ruby is its color. What makes a ruby more desired above any other violation is going to be the color.

Suppose the color of the ruby is deeper and has more intense in its radiance. Then you can expect a heavier price tag attached to them.

The best ruby is thought to be deep vivid red, but rubies do look good in other colors as well. Not many people have any idea that ruby has two variations of colors: the primary color and secondary color.

The primary color of any ruby will be Red, and the secondary colors will be orange, pink, or purple.

If the ruby displays an intense red color than anything else, it will fetch a higher price tag. When it comes to the power of shade, ruby needs to have a medium-dark tone to get called premium in the market.

If it’s too dark or too light, then the color will faint. If the ruby has too much light, it can be seen as a pink sapphire rather than a ruby.

Testing techniques

Rubies are not graded like diamonds. They do not go through any objective system to determine the real value of the stone.

Instead of that, gemological laboratories use the master stones to contrast colored gemstones to other stones.

It can get very difficult to tell any difference between pink Sapphire and ruby.

While they seem to look a lot alike, there is a difference between them. If you can find it, you will save a lot of money from being wasted on getting pink sapphire.

Even a professional gemologist might make some errors in the comparison. So always beware of the rubies that will give the appearance of pink sapphire.


The location where you will buy the Ruby will also take a ride or hit depending on where you live. While in many countries, rubies are seen as gemstones used for appearance.

In many countries, it is seen as something else. Some people do believe rubies bring a spiritual power with them.

If you happened to live in one, you might face a much higher price than ruby’s price in an average area.

Is there any affordable variation of Ruby?

Compared to other gemstones, some of them will be available under $100 or less, rubies, on the other hand, will be expensive.

At the same time, some people may find one of them for sale at the price tag of $10. But higher-quality ruby with red color is much more preferable compared to any other variations.

Ruby is synonymous with the color red. It is the primary color of the ruby and by far the most desirable one for most people.

Red Ruby Gemstone Cost

The red one will cost a lot since they are heavier in demand. The higher quality rubies will hit the price tag of $50,000 or more easily.

It is the sheer number of qualities that get taken into account before anything else. If you are buying ruby for the first time, you will need to know about these elements since they will have a way to impact other overlaps price of the ruby.

It is recommended to get in touch with a professional to see the quality of the ruby. Since they are so popular, you will find a fair share of imitations of ruby in the market.

All will have records and certifications. But all of them can be forged, you will need a trained eye to see the ruby to tell you if it’s real or fake.

How to Check The Quality of A Ruby Before Purchase

You can do a Scratch test to see the hardness of the mineral that you are buying. If the ruby is fake, then you will see it getting scratched.

If it leaves color behind on a plate, then I will be fake.

If you are getting a large ruby for a cheaper price, then the chances are that it is one. Since large rubies are one of the expensive gemstones in the market.

If your gemstone is a little large for its price, the chances are you are holding a fake ruby. You can always check the ruby for inclusions.

Fake rubies tend to show inclusions on them since they will be made from glasses or other material.

And lastly, talk to a professional to see if what you are buying is a legitimate product or a fake one. If you’re not too sure about the product, then it is better to contact a professional.

An experienced gemologist will be able to tell you everything you need to know about other gemstones. So you will have the knowledge and fact to see if the gemstone you are purchasing is real or a fake one.


While rubies will not come in a cheaper price tag, there are alternatives in the market, as morganite, citrine, they will not be the same things, but is the only solution if want to buy some gemstone.

You will also find a lab-created ruby for a lower price. But lab-created ruby should be used in the same sentence as the fake one. Lab-created ruby will have the same chemical properties as the real ones but there will be slight differences in their appearance.

A natural ruby will be expensive, you will need to research the seller to know everything about them before making a purchase.