How Much Does A Ferragamo Belt Cost?

If you have not already purchased a luxury belt, and after reading the cost for a Gucci belt, or the price for a Louis Vuitton belt, you are not sure about it, there is one more option that you can choose, and it is the one to purchase a Ferragamo belt.

How much does a Ferragamo belt cost? The price to purchase a Ferragamo belt is relatively high; the average cost ranges from $395 to $930. What makes varying the prices for a Ferragamo belt is the quality of the belt and the model that you will choose.

If you are still interested to know more about this important Italian brand, and you are thinking to buy a Ferragamo belt because you like the style, you are in the right place; in the next part of the article, we will take a look at the major type of models as well as the prices related to it.

Salvatore Ferragamo Company Overview

Salvatore Ferragamo is an important Italian company launched in 1928, and it is specialized in producing Italian leather goods and accessories.

The Salvatore Ferragamo brand is becoming more important worldwide, especially for selling men’s accessories and belts.

The company’s most vital point is the belts, where every year they sold thousands and thousands of them.

Ferragamo Belts Cost By Model

As the strongest point of the company are the belts, there are many options available, all of the differences from the colors and style. This is what we are going to see in the next part of the article.

Double Gancio Bucket belt $395

If you look at an entry-level, without spending too much money on buying a Ferragamo belt, this is the perfect model.

The double Gancio Buckle on the front makes this belt unique, giving it a remark of the unique style of this company.

It is all made in Italy, the cost for that model is $395.

SF Signature belt $395

This is not the usual model of belt that we are expected to see from the Ferragamo company. However, it is different from the other model because the buckle is done from a cool SF signature in palladium finish.

The composition of the belt is calf leather and offers a unique sense of elegance, perfect for every situation.

The cost for purchasing that model is $395

Revrsible And Adustable Gancini Belt $450

This is probably the most iconic belt that Ferragamo has ever made. All thanks to the signature Gancini buckle, giving an essential touch of elegance and luxury.

The cost for purchasing one of the most iconic models of Ferragamo is a little bit more expensive from the belt models saw until now, but it is not exaggerated at all; we are speaking about $450

Smooth calf leather belt Gancini buckle $495

If you would like to wear something more appealing, but at the same time not so exaggerate, this model will be perfect for you.

It is made with the classic construction of other models, but the buckle’s coloration gives the belt a touch of metropolitan mood style.

The look is exclusive, refined, and elegant, perfect for every outfit.

The cost to purchase that model is $495.

Modern Model of Gancini buckle $930

This is the most expensive model of the Ferragamo belt collection. This belt is crafted from ostrich leather and decorated with a palladium finish Gancini Buckle.

It has a modern mix that gives this belt an incredible touch of elegance or a formal look, perfect for your attire.

The cost for that type of model is $930.

How to save money on buying a Ferragamo belt?

The only way to save money on buying a Ferragamo belt is to purchase it secondhand. However, many marketplaces give you the possibility to connect directly with the seller.

It will be perfect if you can see the belt with your eyes before purchasing it because if it is true that you can save a lot of money by buying a secondhand belt, it is also true that you can find some people that will sell it you some fake belt.

Tips to know before purchase a Ferragamo belt

If you arrived at this point, you are sure that you want to buy a Ferragamo belt, it is time to consider some important things.

If you decide to buy it as a gift, it is always better to buy the classic version of it because it is the most iconic and recognizable, and for sure, the person you will give the belt as a gift will appreciate it more.

If you buy for yourself, it is always better to take care of the belt, because in general, if you don’t like anymore and wish to sell it, a well-maintained belt will sell faster than a belt that presents sign detriments.

Is the Ferragamo belt a good investment?

Yes, purchasing a Ferragamo belt will be a good investment because the quality of the product and the increasing trend of the company will give you a good return from whatever angle we see.


Many important brands made precious belts, but Ferragamo is an important option to consider; their belts are made with quality products and all made in Italy. Moreover, the cost of the belts is not so high compared to other brands; the only variant that remains are your taste; if you like more Ferragamo belts, just buy it, and you will stay for sure happy.