How Much Does A Bulldozer Cost?

Bulldozer is an essential piece of equipment in construction projects. As word bulldozer refers to shawl like a blade, so they are also famous as crawler tractors or dozers.

They can be used in many industrial applications, including construction, mining, waste management, forestry, and farming.

Bulldozers generally do not need any latest technology, and even used bulldozers are also being ‘’utilized in residential constructions and demolition. Due to the high cost of bulldozers, many businesses choose to take used bulldozers.

Bulldozers are very flexible because they use flexible tracks instead of standard wheels. These machines have steel links, which can sometimes be more than 61 cm (2 ft) long. They also have a diesel engine that generates 50 and 700 horsepower, making it more efficient to work on steeper and rough roads. 

Cost of Bulldozers

Constructions happen everywhere on a daily basis, and bulldozer is one the most often used construction equipment.

They are not only heavy-duty equipment, but they are also costly.

Bulldozers are available at different prices. Their price depends on many things like their size, weight, horsepower rating, age of bulldozer if it’s new or used, and model of the bulldozer. Generally, the prices start at about $ 30,000 and range up to $ 200,000 or more. The most commonly purchased models (with 110 to 130 HP) usually cost between $75,000 and $175,000.

Not only the new bulldozers but the prizes of used bulldozers are also very high. Used bulldozers can generally range between $ 10,000 and $ 200,000 depending on the machine’s condition, age, brand name, and model.

If bulldozers are needed for a short period, so it will be best to rent a dozer. Rental bulldozers can cost $300 to $400 per day or $1200 to $1500 per month. But if dozers are required for a more extended period, and the budget is also tight, then leasing could be the best option.

With a lease agreement, you can buy the bulldozer with little or no cash available and spread the payments over one to five years. When the lease expires, you can return the bulldozer, buy it or exchange it for a new model. 

Additional Expenses

Buying a bulldozer is a considerable investment as there are numerous additional expenses that you must consider when buying or renting a bulldozer.

Transportation Cost

Moving this heavy equipment costs too much. The cost of transporting a bulldozer depends on many factors, including the weight of the equipment and the distance needed to cover. However, some transport services, such UShip, allow a customer to set their own price for moving the equipment.

Fuel Cost

Since bulldozers use a lot of energy, they use the same amount of fuel to keep them running. These machines are provided with huge fuel tanks and require a lot of fuel. Typically, the larger the bulldozer, the more fuel it needs, which increases the cost of operating it.

While buying or renting a bulldozer, you must expect to spend $3.12 to $101.33 for fuel per hour

Operator Training Cost

If you do not have a trained person to operate the bulldozer, you must be ready to spend additional costs on operator training. Even many rental companies offer this service at a different price.

Additional accessories cost

Bulldozers may need some additional attachments or accessories for the best performance. There are many attachments available for bulldozers that enhance their capabilities and make them highly versatile pieces of equipment.

On average, $1000 to $10,000 is required to spend on each piece of equipment. Popular bulldozer accessories include blades, brooms, augers, buckets, cold planers, forks, brakes, shears, and trenchers.  

Insurance fees

It is always recommended to have insurance for your costly equipment. Many bulldozer insurance companies can take care of your bulldozer. Insurance cost depends on the consultation you have with the agent of the company.

Construction of Bulldozers

Bulldozers are usually used to move soil, remove debris and other loose material, and grade. These systems are designed with comprehensive mobility that keeps the ground running and is safe and secure.

The bulldozers consist of a pre-assembled stabilizing blade that presses the ground to a smooth surface and a rear ripping grab that shreds dirt, rocks, and cover. 

Mostly bulldozers are 9 to 14 feet wide and 8 to 12 feet high. Their horsepower ranges from 40 to 400, but most machines are between 100 and 200 hp. Today’s bulldozers also come with various features such as real-time monitoring and air-conditioned cabins.

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Things to Consider before buying a Bulldozer

Many websites are available that allow to avail of and buy bulldozers, whether they are new or old. There are numerous factors that you must consider before purchasing a good bulldozer.

  • Size:

The size of the bulldozer matters the most as the smaller-sized dozers are less expensive and require less material to build. You should choose the size that matches your needs.

  • Weight:

Bulldozers are available with many weight fits of rage. You should carefully choose the perfect match for your need.

  • Condition:

You can buy a used or new bulldozer depending on your choice. You can save your money buying the used bulldozer because used bulldozers are much cheaper than the new bulldozers.

  • Age:

The age of a bulldozer affects their price as bulldozers manufactured several years back tend to be much cheaper than the models made one or two years before. However, there will be the difference in technology. So be careful about what you need according to your requirement.

  • Reliability;

You must consider the reliability of a bulldozer before buying it and choose a bulldozer that can withstand extreme job site requirements.  

  • Bulldozer types:

Depending on your specific project, there are many different types of bulldozers to choose from, small, medium, and large bulldozers.

The kind of area you are working on, project type, and other criteria are vital factors to consider when selecting a bulldozer. A suitable machine is also crucial to the efficiency and safety of your project.

  • Small Bulldozers:

They are also called compact bulldozers and are generally used on residential constructions. They are less potent than other types, but they can access narrow places and are perfect for carrying small loads.

Small bulldozers cost about $145,000 for a new model, and prizes can also rise with the addition of accessories, unique features, and attachments—prizes of used small bulldozers start from $60,000. 

Some models of Small bulldozers with their prize

CAT D4K2$120,000
CAT D3K2$204,000
John Deere 450J LGP$111,160
John Deere 550J $84,708 

Medium Bulldozers Cost

Medium bulldozers are more versatile and give more satisfying performance than small bulldozers. They help to move more material in less time.

They can carry an average load of 40,000 pounds. The weight of the medium bulldozer is about six times the weight of an average car.

The cost of a medium bulldozer ranges from $31,900 to $308,000.

Some Medium bulldozers model with their prizes;

  • CAT D6K2                                             $60,000 (for older models)
    • CAT D6N                                      $389,493
    • JOHN DEERE 750k LGP USD        $3,150  
    • JOHN DEERE 950 K                      $739,294

Large Bulldozers

Large bulldozers are designed for more intense and demanding work. They are primarily used in those construction sites when more power is needed.

They are not available for rent as they are mainly used for mining. Because of the size and strength of large bulldozers, they are more expensive than small and medium bulldozers.

Large bulldozers generally range from $102,000 to $1.1 million.  

Some models of Large Bulldozers with their prices:

  • CAT D9T                                        $739,000 
  • Caterpillar D11 dozer                 $2.2 million

Renting a Bulldozer Cost

There are times in business when temporary heavy equipment makes more financial sense than buying a new or used one.

However, renting a bulldozer is much more feasible for contractors and project managers. You can expect to pay $325 to $1000 per day for a bulldozer and $180 to $430 per hour. The least amount to rent a bulldozer for a month starts from $4000 to $12,500. 

On average, the cost of a 150 HP bulldozer for rent could be from $325 to $400 per day, and a 330 HP bulldozer can rent from $900 to $1000.

The cost of renting a bulldozer also varies depending on the power rating and the time limit (whether you need it for a few hours, a day, or longer)

. The cost for renting an older bulldozer will be relatively lower than renting a new bulldozer. 

Here’s a list of some Bulldozers Rental Rates:

ModelDaily CostMonthly Cost
Dozer D3K LGP Cab$685$4,725
Dozer D1 (D3K)$625 $4,300
Dozer D2 (D4K)$765$5,250

Renting a suitable bulldozer is the first step towards the success of your job. So you must be careful while choosing the best bulldozer that fits your needs.

In addition to the regular rental cost, there are many other expenses involved, including delivery and pick up the price, maintenance and repair costs, and operational cost.  

There are many things to consider while renting a bulldozer;

  • Technology and features of a bulldozer
  • Power capacity of bulldozer
  • Volume and weight of materials being handled
  • Environmental concerns
  • Transportation and hauling abilities