How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own House In San Antonio (Texas)?

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San Antonio has a rich colonial heritage situated in south-central Texas, and it is one of the major cities there.

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in America. The living style, education, and health facilities are above average. San Antonio’s living expenses are much less compared to other big cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The cost is 12% lesser as compared to the national average.

One of the most significant decisions in building your own house in your lifetime is that expenses depend upon your budget and needs.

Before building a home in San Antonio, you have to plan the budget floor plans, draw up adequate land, estimate labor costs, take permits, appoint a reputable builder, and discuss many more factors.

Average Cost To Build a House In San Antonio

If you are planning to build or buy a house in San Antonio, you will enjoy less cost of living because the price is below the national average. As per a survey of 2019, there is no state income tax, but you have to pay a little higher property tax and sales tax.

Another region for low-cost living is there is a lower housing cost. 

$165 per square foot is an approximate value to build a custom-made house in San Antonio. You have to spend around from $240,200 to above million dollars in total. The factors that can impact the cost of building a house may be house design, land location, builder, soil type, finishing of the house, required foundation, and location. 

The Construction Cost To Build a House In San Antonio

You have to calculate or estimate the construction cost to build your own house in San Antonio. For example, $160 to $200 is the average cost per square foot to build a house there.

You have to understand all price affecting factors, and if there is any problem, you have to prepare yourself.

After research, we will give you a rough estimation of the cost to build a house in San Antonio. The calculation is based on the cost per square foot – 

( if the per square foot cost is around $165 )

  • If the size of the house is 1500 square feet, then the total building cost will be $247,500
  • If the size of the house is 2000 square feet, then the total building cost will be $330,000
  • If the size of the house is 2500 square feet, then the total building cost will be $412,500
  • If the size of the house is 3000 square feet, then the total building cost will be $495,000

Is it good to build your own house or buy the existing one in San Antonio?

As per a report of the National Association of Realtors, within 30 days time period, a house can be sold in San Antonio. However, buying a house during early summer and spring is a serious competition.

To save yourself from the rat race, you should consider building your own house as a perfect alternative. 

By building a new house, you can avoid risks like – house showing, market price, and fear of losing your house. 

Some advantages by building your own home

Customization – when you buy an existing house, you can’t get it alright. You can get the liberty to modify or customize the house by building it yourself according to your taste.

You can decide the flooring, door/window size, paint color, cabinet type, quality of the materials, layout, and more. 

Maintenance costs must be low – by building a house on your own, you can get relax about the expenses of maintenance.

You don’t get worrying about a leaky roof, faulty wiring, failing HVAC system, septic tank repair for the several initial years.

Also, if you buy an old house, the home builders provide limited warranties on the home in case of damage in San Antonio. 

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Difference building cost (hard cost Vs soft cost)

Hard cost to build a house in San Antonio

As per the active lifestyle and rich history of San Antonio, the builders and designers describe the houses there in words are – technical, practical, and creative. The homes built in the city depend on the subtropical climate, humidity, landscape type (flat or on hills or wide river plains).

Therefore, an experienced builder should be appointed to build your house, and he can manage the hard costs like – roofing, HVAC, foundation, interior details, plumbing, and electrical works. 

Roofing cost in San Antonio

the common type of roof is Asphalt shingles. It costs about $4 to $7 per square foot. So $5,000 to $10,050 is the average cost, including labor, materials, and equipment. 

Electrical cost in San Antonio

$10,000 will be the cost of electrical wiring for a 12,00 square foot house. Therefore, $8 per square foot is the size of that home. The cost includes materials and labor. 

According to the recent report of Payscale, Labor

$10 to $20 per day is the construction labor cost. So, including tips and bonuses, $23,050 to $37 .000 will be the total paying cost.

Foundation cost  in San Antonio

house foundation cost is 4% lower than the nation’s average. For example, a 1000 square foot home requires $5000 to $20000 for the foundation, and $5 to $25 is the cost per square foot

Soft costs to build a house in San Antonio

Soft cost doesn’t include the physical or direct construction of a house. This includes permit fees, design services, other legal fees, taxes.

During or after the construction, you have to pay these costs. Depending upon the requirements and scope, the soft cost may vary with different projects. 

In San Antonio, the cost of land and lots per square foot starts from $2. Building a 6000 to 9000 square foot house requires approximately $16,000 to $210000. This house will be perfect for a single-family.

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Design and architecture cost In San Antonio Texas

A residential engineer and architecture demand around $5050 in San Antonio. Depending upon the scope and credential work, the structural engineer demands $105 to $125 per hour.

Depending upon the agreement, the interior designer’s payment will vary, but on average, they demand $750 to $6000. Shape, space, atmosphere, natural light direction are some factors that can affect the duration and cost of design.  

Permit cost – In San Antonio Texas

After the blueprint and land finalization, you have to get the permit to start the building project. $180 to $5900 is the approximate range of permit cost to start the construction work in San Antonio.

The permit includes electrical, building, and plumbing work. The price may vary depending upon the type of affidavit. 


This data is an estimation, not an accurate figure. The cost may vary according to the location and builder. $200 is an average construction cost like San Antonio’s neighborhoods like Alamo Heights, the Dominion, Terrell Hills, and Elm Creek. Before you decide to build a house, you have to learn construction land type and estimate the accurate cost through different sources.