How Much Does It Cost to Build a Skatepark?

Skatepark is a recreational environment specially built for skateboarding.

Skateparks have become an essential part of recreation portfolios across the globe. They are loaded with ramps, benches, boxes, and grinding rails that help athletes learn new skating tricks and sharpen their skills.

Many cities and even smaller towns build public skateparks to provide a chance to young and old athletes with free and safe recreation.

In the second decade, skateparks have become a common sight in cities around the world.

According to an estimation, more than 35,000 skateparks are serving communities of all sizes.

They can be found in master plans for suburban housing developments or can be introduced into older urban areas.

However, new concepts for skatepark design and innovations in construction techniques are continuing, and the demand for the public skatepark is also getting popularity.

Limited budgets will have a natural impact on your development, design, and management plans.

Despite the extreme nature of the sport, skate parks are surprisingly safe. Unfortunately, hundreds of skating and cycling-related deaths occur each year, but almost none of them occur at skate parks.

This is because most fatal skating and cycling accidents involve cars driving on the street over motorcyclists.

If your city does not have a public skate park but wants your children to have a safe place for riding, it is not hard to build your own. 

Cost of building a Skatepark

The cost to build a skatepark largely depends on its size and, of course, the kind of skatepark you are going to build.

Whenever you are making a skatepark, you should count two main costs; the first is for the design and construction, the second is the cost for the maintenance and operating that facility for a more extended period.

However, the average cost for designing and constructing a skatepark is from $40 to $60 per square foot. But this is not the fixed cost for the construction as some skateparks can be built by spending $50 per square foot on total while some need more than $65 per square foot. And sometimes, the cost can be as low as $25 per square foot.

5 Factors That Affect The Construction Cost Of Skatepark

There are many factors that can affect the cost of building a skateboard park.

Some of the apparent factors include;

Site preparations

After deciding a suitable area for your skatepark, there may be needed some land preparations. Like if you have bought the land with a current structure that needs to be demolished, then your contractor has to do more work that will surely add extra cost to the actual cost.

Land preparation may also include excavation, landing, earthmoving, landfill, or leveling.

The cost needed for the site preparation depends on how much work is required before construction.

Experienced Contractors Cost

It would be best if you always chose a qualified and expert contractor with a huge skatepark experience and positive referrals as they can make your skateparks worth riding.

That’s why a contractor should be flexible enough to work with local skaters and administrators.

However, calculate the higher cost for the contractor because an expert will always demand high. 

Location of site

Selecting a suitable site for a skatepark is an essential step in building a skateboard with a positive environment.

However, the location will also influence the final construction cost.

For example, suppose you select an area that is already equipped with public washrooms, restrooms, water facilities, and electricity.

In that case, you will not need to add the cost for additional necessities. But if you have chosen a location where you will need to install all the essentials, you must expect to pay a considerable amount for the construction.

Moreover, suppose you are going to build a concrete skateboard. In that case, you should carefully choose a location that will provide a proper drainage system, as concrete skateparks can create runoff as they disperse a large amount of water.

Adjacent Construction

Skateparks built in the context of larger park development can lower down the overall costs by sharing heavy equipment and other resources.

Amenities and necessities

The cost for constructing a skatepark will calculate all the expenses needed for site improvements associated with the skateboarding facility.

Many things can add considerable costs like fences, benches, restrooms, light, water fountains, immediate landscaping, and other amenities.

Installing all the necessities will add much cost to the actual price; even adding a restroom will easily double the actual cost, but all these necessities will make your skatepark more reliable and will also help to avoid conflicts with surrounding schools, businesses, and neighbors.

You may also consider adding shades or some other type of covering for the skating area that will help to make your skateboard area away from any hurdle during hot summer days.

If the construction site already has lights, restrooms, paths, water access, and other amenities, it will be less expensive than constructing a skatepark in the area with no current improvement.

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Cost of Skatepark By Size

The size of the skatepark is the most obvious factor in estimating the cost for construction; the larger the skatepark will need more materials and will take more time for construction.

Design constraints

Design constraints refer to the limitations on the designs. However, some sites have fixed and specific design constraints that must be followed.

Perhaps, you have chosen a site where some old trees are present that you must have to preserve.

Then you have to design your skatepark around these fixed elements, and this will add much cost to the project.

Mostly design constraints reflect community priorities and preservation of the natural elements.

Skatepark Design Cost

Designing a skatepark structure costs more than creating it and it is another important factor affecting the construction cost.

A more complex design will cost higher; for example, if there is a need to install cradles and full pipes, it will be more expensive than simple structures.

Materials cost For Build a Skatepark

Materials needed for the construction of the skatepark are also an important cost factor.

If all the materials are unavailable in your region, then exporting them from the other areas will add considerable cost to the actual price.

Furthermore, it is always recommended to use high-quality materials, no doubt they will cost much, but they can save your future expenditure.

Drainage system

Skatepark must have a drainage system so that rainwater doesn’t accumulate at the bottom of the structure.

The drain must be connected to a pipeline that leads to a well or the main sewer line.

This will surely add expenses to the project. 

Soil condition

Condition of Sand and clay soils can greatly increase construction costs.

Poor soil conditions cause soil erosion and compaction during construction and even after the construction.

This can cause cracks in the concrete surface of the skatepark.

However, to avoid all these hurdles in the future, expensive construction techniques are required for the poor soil conditions.  

Maintenance Costs of Skateparks

Maintenance and operations are essential considerations for skateparks. Maintenance can not only help to protect the investment, but it also ensures that it is operating as successfully as possible.

The maintenance may include thrash and debris removal, landscaping like taking care of the plant, graffiti removal, terrain inspection, and repair. 

The concrete surface of skateparks is generally more durable and hard-wearing that can bear thousands of hours of use without showing signs of cracks.  

Construction of Skateboard Park

Designing and planning to build a skateboard park to serve the local skateboarding community can be a complex and lengthy process that needs your time and money.

Creating a safe and challenging environment for skateboarders is a process that involves a number of hidden variables and details.

However, this process can be significantly simplified with good data, statistics, and background information.

Whenever you decide to build your own skateboard park, you just need to know the right questions to ask from experts before taking responsibility for creating and building a good skateboard park.

Generally, there are three types of skateparks business models; private skate parks, public skateparks, and commercial skateparks. 

Private Skateparks

Private Skateparks are owned by an individual and generally built on personal property. Private Skateparks do not need to address the public need for skateparks. 

Pubic Skateparks

Generally, a government agency owns public skateparks, and government employees manage them.

Public skateparks are accessible that do not charge any fees, and when they demand money, it is generally in the form of municipal fees.

They are usually outdoor.

In the United States, mostly skateparks are public and are under the control of government employees. 

Public skateparks are the most common, most economical, and equitable for the community that needs young people to recreate. 

Commercial skateparks

Commercial or retail skateparks are owned and operated as charitable organizations. Usually, there is a shop attached to most commercial skateparks that charge money to use any facility. All fees are collected on a per session basis or in the form of membership. This type of skateparks follows different development plans than public skateparks.