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How Much Does Snorkeling Gear Cost

Calculating the Cost of Snorkeling Gears

Snorkeling Gear

Though the first shimmers of summer may still be far away, planning the trip from as early as possible can save you from a lot of trouble. Especially if equipments are needed to meet your vacation plan, preparing them from today can go a long way. If you are wondering how much does snorkeling gear cost? The answer can be found in the following passages.

  • US Divers Admiral 2 LX

This package consists of a dry mask, fins, a carrying bag to store your items before or after use and most of all the LX Masks. This should cost you no more than $108 but with luck, can also be purchased at a lower rate of $45.00. The mouth piece for the snorkel is hypo-allergenic optimizing hygiene. As well as this, the entire set is warranted for a staggering of 2 years. To complete your collection of snorkeling devices, purchase the anti fog spray to keep your mask from fogging under water.

  • US Divers Junior Dorado Mask

If your children are coming along with you, make sure that they too enjoy the best snorkeling experience by equipping them with the US Divers Junior Dorado Mask. This costs no more than $35.00 at a normal rate. However, due to discounts, you may be able to purchase them at the price of $31.00.

The face skirt of the mask is designed to fit perfectly on faces of children. They need to be very firm as this will prevent water from entering from pores or lose ends, while they are diving. The children variant comes in playful colors like fun blue and fun purple.

  • US Divers Adult Anacapa

For a simpler preparation, the Anacapa model from US divers is your ultimate solution. The only difference of the Anacapa model is that it doesn’t come with a carrying bag to help store yours items before as well as after snorkeling at sea.

A buckle system on the side allows you to adjust the size. Whereas the face skirt comes in all-size hence making them flexible for anyone of any age and posture. Costing cheaper than the previous types, get your own for $25.00 and be ready to snorkel the most breath-taking depths of the sea.

  • US Divers Diva 1 LX Island

Designed specifically for women, the Diva package comes in many options of color from Aqua, Arctic Blue, Grape, Hot Pink, Lavender, Mint Green and Raspberry as well as Teal and also white.

The features of the Diva model is exactly the same as the Admiral type hence expect the amazing 2 year warranty upon purchasing this gear.

  • US Divers Adult Cozumel Mask

Last but not least is the Cozumel model that stands out with its 2-window mask. This feature allows you a wider view of the ocean. A splash top is also provided within the package hence completing the carrying bag. Slightly different to the carrying bags mentioned before, the bag in the Cozumel package is embedded with a mesh panel for drying functions as well.

With a list of the best snorkeling gears and equipment provided you have now narrowed down your list to the best from all around.


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