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How Much Does Snorkeling Cost

Planning your Snorkeling Vacation

Snorkeling is a hassle-free way of enjoying the most beautiful parts of the sea. They are relatively safer and easier to learn for first timers. Best of all, you don’t have to know how to swim to get the hang of snorkeling. The equipment provided will help you float and set sail! Diving will require training, time and courage as you delve into the most untouched depths. However, snorkeling is best for coral viewing located close to the surface. To know how much does snorkeling cost, of course this will depend on where you head to. However the guideline below will help you plan your budget wisely.

  • Great Barrier Reefs of Australia

Snorkeling is an adventure of its own. Learn underwater biology from first-hand experience and be amazed by what the oceans have to offer for you. If this is your first time snorkeling and at the Great Barrier Reef, which so happens to be one of the largest and most appealing in the world, the Introductory Snorkeling class is what you can sign up for. This particular class will cost $56 for adults and $29 for children. At this rate, the equipment will already be provided and an instructor will assist you throughout the day.

As an alternative for those who have already skilled snorkeling, he Advanced tour will cost $74 for adults and $44 for children. The course will last for approximately 60 minutes and take off from various places to allow you a better experience of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto of the Caribbean Beach

The Caribbean seas are for sure one of the most appealing places to go to in Central America for snorkeling. The Eden Rock and the Devil’s Grotto are two among the several places that are most visited for their reefs and underwater scenery. The average rate for a snorkeling experience in both places is $30 for adults. This includes the equipment that is needed.

  • Sting Ray City of Seven Miles

The Sting Ray costs $40 for a snorkeling trip including the equipment that consists of the mask, snorkel as well as the fin for optimized navigation. As the spots for snorkeling at the Seven Mile Beach comes in almost endless options, you are welcome to determine the exact location you wish to be dropped off from. Name a place and they will bring you to that exact spot.

  • USS Kittiwake Expedition of Cayman Islands

The furthest tip of the Seven Mile Bridge is home to one of the most ancient ship wreck ruins under water. The USS Kittiwake lies solemnly beneath the surface. Snorkeling trips to the ship burial costs $5 only. Scuba diving is also an option to take if you are interested in getting a closer view of the wreck. This will cost you no more than $10 per dive.

To make your snorkeling planning easier, start by finding the dream location you have always wanted to visit and start your snorkeling agency search from there. This will help you cut the time and allow you to make your snorkeling dream come true!

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