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How Much Does Skydiving Cost

Skydiving Cost

How much does skydiving cost

Thrill seekers always want to overcome all challenges that they can find. Jumping and diving from extremely high altitude is a truly challenging activity. This is the reason why sport activities like skydiving mostly become their favorites. Skydiving is a truly adrenaline-pumping sport. When you do this sport, you can perform any moves while you are in the air. You can roll, turn, dive, and do anything that you want and anything that makes you thrilled. As one of the most dangerous sports, skydiving can always give you the best challenges. This sport, however, is not cheap. When you want to skydive, you have to learn about its cost so that you know how much money that you have to spend to be able to enjoy the thrilling sensation of skydiving.

So, how much does skydiving cost? There are several factors that affect the cost of skydiving. You should learn about those factors to find out the exact amount of money that you have to spend to enjoy this thrilling sport. Here are those factors.



The cost of tandem skydiving with an instructor can be twice more expensive than that of solo skydiving. For a solo skydiving, the cost ranges from around $80 to $120. You can even slice that cost to about $20 if you are an experienced and USPA-certified skydiver who owns your own equipment. For a tandem skydiving with an instructor, on the other hand, the cost may rise to about $250. Also remember that you may still need to give the instructor a 10% tip that is excluded from that cost.



The reason why there is price range is because the cost of skydiving is different from location to location. The difference is quite apparent in different locations in the United States and it becomes much more tangible in different countries in the world.



The cost of skydiving during weekend is slightly more expensive than the cost of skydiving during weekdays. In some places, this rule also applies to holidays and high seasons.


Training cost

To enjoy solo skydive, you certainly have to be a trained skydiver. There are various training programs you can participate in. The cost of each training program is different. If you participate in Accelerated Free Fall training, you will have to pay around $1,500. Cheaper programs, such as aided deployment training and static line training, are also available.


How Much Does Skydiving Gear Cost

If you want to use your own equipment, you may need to be ready to invest around $5,000 to buy all necessary equipment, which usually includes an altimeter, a helmet, an automatic activation device (AAD), two canopies (main and reserve), and a container.


Video recording

When you are enjoying this thrilling activity, you certainly want someone captures your special moment in a video recording, don’t you? If that’s what you want, you have to be ready to spend additional $50 or $100 to have a video recording of your jump and skydive made.

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