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How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost

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There are two reasons why people favor sedation dentistry. First, sedation removes the painful sensation that may occur during a particular dental procedure. Patients who have been sedated will barely perceive pain when the dentist performs the treatment. Second, sedation dentistry makes lengthy dental procedure felt much shorter. Patients will feel as if a treatment that lasts for hours only takes place in few minutes. Patients who were afraid of dental treatments will also lose their fear is they know that those treatments can be made more comfortable if they are sedated. They become more aware of their dental health and they will think that the required dental checkup that they have to undergo regularly is not a hassle anymore. Dentistry sedation truly makes dental procedure less terrifying and more fun; however, this convenience certainly doesn’t come for free.


So, how much does sedation dentistry cost? There are four types of sedation dentistry, two of which are easier to estimate than the remaining two. The two sedation dentistry types that are easy to estimate are oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation. Patients who rely on oral sedation have to take particular drug, especially diazepam, one night or 30 minutes before they undergo dental procedure. Those who prefer nitrous oxide sedation, on the other hand, have to inhale nitrous oxide to trigger relaxation. The cost of oral and nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is easy to estimate because the sedation procedure only takes place once or twice. To get sedated using either procedure, patients only have to pay around $200 to $300. The other two sedation dentistry types, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia, as well as other sedation procedures performed by dental anesthesiologists, are more difficult to estimate because they are billed hourly.


There are several important things to be concerned with about sedation dentistry.

  1. The cost mentioned above only covers the sedation procedure. It doesn’t cover any dental care procedures that follow. You should consult your dentist to learn more about the cost of your dental care treatment.
  2. Your insurance may cover the cost of your dental care treatment, but it will not cover the cost of sedation dentistry. You have to pay that cost using your own money or…
  3. You can try to use financing options that have been made available by the company you are working for. Consult your employer to learn more about those financing options. This is possibly the only financial solution that helps you slice your sedation dentistry cost.

Sedation dentistry indeed brings many advantages and it makes you feel more encouraged to undergo regular dental care treatments, especially those that are considered essential. The problem is that sedation dentistry is not a cheap procedure. Spending a couple hundreds of dollars or more just to have yourself sedated before undergoing dental care procedure can be regarded as a wasteful expense. Therefore, before you undergo this procedure, you have to make sure that you can afford it and that you dreadfully in need of the benefits that sedation dentistry promises to you.

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