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How Much Does It Cost to Install Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater Installation Cost

Electric tankless water heater

Water surely becomes very important aspect for human life which cannot be ignored. People will find very big problem when they cannot find good access of water in their living place. That is why people have to plan about the water system in the house so the residents will be able to fulfill various kinds of need associated with water. Water will be used for washing, cooking, cleaning, watering, and more. However, people must not only consider about the water supply only because they also need to consider about the comfort when using the water especially during winter. People need to use warm or hot water to help them keep their body warm even in the coldest temperature in the winter when doing various kinds of activity associated with water. Water heater installation will be necessary in this circumstance and people are offered with various kinds of water heater installation system. People can find the solar system water heater or gas water heater. However, many people also consider about electric water heater installation. Before people can make this decision, they should consider about several things especially about how much cost to install electric water heater.

Cost Calculator

Installing electric water heater system maybe becomes very familiar option which people can choose for providing hot water in the house. In 2014, the average cost of electric water heater installation is about $632-$788 for every water heater. The cost estimation for electric water heater installation is based on the rates of unit labor productivity, the material cost in average, as well as average hourly wages for national labor. There are some things which will influence the cost for electric water heater installation. People can use cost calculator for estimating the cost by considering several aspects. The cost will be influenced by the project location. The location includes the place of the labor hired as well as the place for purchasing the material. Next, project size specification will also help people to refine the cost of electric water heater installation project. People can just recalculate the cost estimation simply by using the cost calculator. The cost range is used for electric water heater installation by using the contractor that is bonded, licensed, as well as insured. Rush or complex project will influence the price as well. It is important to hire the contractor with best work quality. That is why people should combine the related project, find the bid from pros, as well as have flexibility about the schedule of project.


The cost estimation will include the delivery and transportation service of local material or equipment cost. The cost estimation will include the worksite preparation cost for installing the electric water heater installation. It will include the cost for protecting the structure which exists, materials, finished, as well as components. Cleanup job and removal for debris will also be included in the cost estimation. The estimation also includes the hourly charge, time for mobilization, as well as time for labor setup. However, the cost estimation does not include the organizing as well as supervising general contractor fee, material and supply sales tax, as well as inspection or permit fees.

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