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How Much Does It Cost to Breed Puppies

The Cost of Breeding Puppies

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Like a profession, signing up to raise a dog is a great commitment. It requires you full attention, responsibility and expenses as well. Raising a dog can cost you quite some money at the start of the adoption, but this will immediately pay off once you start bonding with them. The average life span of a dog is 14 years depending on their breed and their history of health issues. The following is what you ca expect to be paying for your dog over the years.

  • Health care

Their health is number one. This is so as their health speaks louder than words. The moment they are ill, this often shows signs of them being idle and less active around the house. Maintaining their health care ranges from expenses of vaccines that can cost $20.00 to $150.00 per month. Their occasional sprays can cost anywhere from $35.00 to $200.00. This depends on the spray brand that is suitable for their breed. Their vitamins are also important investments for their health costing $15.0 to $75.00 on a monthly basis. Fleas are every owner’s nightmare as they are easy to spread around the house yet are very hard to eliminate. Prevent them from being carried around by your dog using flea control substances costing $20.00 to $200.00. Heart worm shampoos that function to eliminate worms cost $100.00 on average.

  • Hygiene and Dog Grooming Items

Grooming your dog keeps them happy. Most of the times they cost nothing, but if you plan on investing in dog grooming devices, this can range anywhere from $20.00 to $500.00. The occasional shampooing is a must. A bottle of shampoo shouldn’t cost more than $25.00 and can last for several months. This effectively controls the fleas that are likely to develop in their fur and at the same time keeps their fur glowing.

  • Treats

To teach them who their master is, treats are inserted during training. The highest costing treats are $100.00 and even this can last for several months. Chew bones are also items that a dog should be provided with especially during their years of development. The growth of their teeth is better when assisted with toys like chew bones to keep them sharp and strong. On the notion of teeth, dental care is also a procedure that your pet dogs are to go through. At only $40.00 for every several months, you can rest assured that their teeth are in great condition.

  • Food

Last yet most important are their foods. Treats serve as an occasional snack and are only given after a specific event, like behaving well or after being left for a long time at home. However, their daily intake of food will cost from $125.00 to $500.00. It may take some time to understand what dog food your dog is most happy with. Hence try as many brands possible and see how they react to each meal.

This is the answer to how much cost to breed puppies. Dogs are known for their sharp senses and intuition. A loyal companion like them is hard to find hence they are surely worth every penny that you have.

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