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How Much Does Eye Corrective Surgery Cost

How Much Does Vision Correction Surgery Cost

Vision Correction Surgery Cost

How much does vision correction surgery cost? Sadly, you may not be able to get straight answer for that question. Just take a look at advertisements and commercials promoting this increasingly popular surgical treatment. Some say that you can get your eye repaired for only a couple hundred dollars and the others say you have to spend thousands of dollar just to correct one of your diseased eyes. One important thing that you need to know is that the listed cost is the cost for correcting only one eye. Therefore, if you want to correct both of your eyes, you have to pay double the cost.

Vision correction surgery, usually referred to as laser surgery, has become a popular treatment for treating eye problems since mid-1950s. Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure in which lasers are used on eyes. There are several types of laser surgery that are available today, including PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) surgery, which involves the removal of eye tissue layer to trigger healing; Lasik surgery, which involves the removal of thin flap from the eye and the shaping of new tissue beneath the flap to trigger healing; Lasek surgery, which involves the removal of thin tissue layer so that it can be repaired before being returned to the eye; and Refractive Lens Exchange, which involves the replacement of diseased eye lens with new silicon lens. Among those laser surgery types. Lasik is considered the most popular because it involves relatively painless procedure. When people ask, “How much does vision correction surgery cost?” They mostly refer to the cost of Lasik surgery.

How Expensive is Lasik Surgery

As said earlier, Lasik surgery can be cheap and can also be expensive. You have to be careful about that because since FDA approved this surgical procedure in 1990s, there is no significant change in the cost of Lasik surgery. The average cost of Lasik surgery is $2,000; therefore, you may need to trust advertisements that tell you that the cost of this surgical procedure is about that much.

How about advertisements that tell you that you can undergo this surgery with only few hundreds of dollars? Do they lie? Well, they of course tell the true; however, you need to be cautious when responding to their message because the cost offered may not comprehensively cover all aspects of the surgical procedure. Remember that if you pay about $2,000 for the surgery, you will receive comprehensive treatment before, during and after the surgery. You also don’t have to make additional expenses if you are required to buy prescription drugs because the cost that you pay has already covered everything. This may not be the case if you undergo the unreasonably cheaper version of this surgical procedure. The cost may cover the surgical procedure; however, you may need to make additional expenses for pre- or post-operative care. You may call those unexpected expenses hidden fees; however, you need to know that there is nothing that you can do about that because in reality, Lasik surgery, as well as other types of vision correction surgery, have already had their own established price that has not changed a lot since their approval by the FDA.


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