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How Much Does Bungee Jumping Cost

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

High altitude always gives a thrilling sensation. For people who are afraid of it, the thrill may be too much to bear, but for those who are addicted to challenges and adventures, high altitude is something that they love to bask in. Thrill seekers who believe that overpowering their fear of high altitude is the real mission of their life will love to enjoy such sport activities as skydiving and bungee jumping. For professionals among them, skydiving seems to be a more challenging and interesting option. For beginners and those who prefer a more casual high-altitude sport, on the other hand, bungee jumping seems to be a more reasonable option.

There are many reasons why bungee jumping is more favorable than skydiving. First, it is safer because in bungee jumping, accident involving impact with the ground is more unlikely. Second, it is easier. Beginner bungee jumpers can usually go solo when beginner skydivers have to be assisted by an instructor. Third, it is cheaper because bungee jumpers don’t need an airport, a plane to reach preferred altitude, and expensive equipment. In fact, cost is the primary reason why many people choose bungee jumping instead of skydiving.

If cost is a consideration, how much does bungee jumping cost actually? The cost of a single jump may range from around $20 to over $200. This wide cost range is there because there are several factors that affect the cost of bungee jumping. Those factors are:


In Longqing Gorge, China, you can enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping by paying only about $22. In the Nevis Bungy, New Zealand, you have to pay more than $180 to enjoy the same thrill. Different locations in the world offer different bungee jumping costs. This location vis-à-vis cost rule actually also applies to other thrilling sports.


The difference between bungee jumping cost in Longqing Gorge and that in New Zealand is actually affected not only by difference of locations, but also by difference of height. In China, you can jump from around 50 meters above the ground. In New Zealand, the altitude is almost three times higher. If both location and height are taken into consideration when calculating the cost, you will find out that in Longqing Gorge, you pay $0.5 per meter whereas in the Nevis Bungy, you pay around $1.4 per meter. You can see that both location and height determine the cost.


If you want to jump multiple times, the cost of all jumps after the first is usually cheaper than the cost of the first jump. In Southern California, for example, you are charged $99 for the first jump and $50 for each subsequent jump. You can get further discount if you buy a package. For example, you can enjoy a package of 5 jumps by paying only $275.

Those are three factors that determine bungee jumping cost. The average cost of bungee jumping has been mentioned above. Therefore, you can make your own calculation to find out how much money that you have to spend to enjoy the thrilling sensation of this high-altitude sport.

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